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German car manufacturer meets with Trump US media: US or cancel car tariffs

Reference News Network reported on December 5 that US media said that on the 3rd of December, President Trump and German auto executives held a meeting when the Trump administration considered imposing new tariffs on foreign cars and auto parts. meeting.

According to the US cable news network reported on December 4, earlier in the day, Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross said that reducing the trade deficit with Germany's autos and parts is a top priority, it is best to increase the German automakers Production in the United States.

Rose said in an interview: In general, we are a major importer of cars from Germany and imported auto parts from Germany, Austria and Mexico.

The report said representatives from BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen visited the White House and met with Trump's senior economic adviser.

The report said that in a statement issued after the meeting, BMW praised free trade, saying that reducing trade barriers made it possible for its success in the United States. The automaker currently operates the world's largest factory in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where it employs about 10,000 people and is considering building a second plant in the United States.

The report said that the company said that the meeting with government officials was constructive, but at the same time made it clear that trade talks should be conducted with relevant institutions.

The report said that Daimler and Volkswagen, which produce Mercedes vehicles, have already established factories in the southern states of the United States. After the meeting, they did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

The report also said that Trump had complained about EU trade barriers. Earlier this year, he imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum products from the region and most of the world. The EU imposed retaliatory tariffs on a range of US goods, including motorcycles, orange juice, bourbon, peanut butter, cigarettes and cowboys. cloth.

Trump claimed to be a tariff on Twitter on December 4, and he said tariffs encouraged Canada and Mexico to agree to a new US-Mexico-Canada agreement signed last week.

But in July this year, Trump and European Commission President Juncker agreed to work to eliminate all tariffs and trade barriers.

Rose said on CNBC: As you know, the President said that as long as the negotiations with them make good progress, he will not impose tariffs on cars.

The report pointed out that the US Department of Commerce has been investigating the impact of tariffs on all foreign vehicles and auto parts since May. The report, which is being reviewed by several federal agencies, may provide a legal basis for the government to impose these tariffs as a national security issue.

The report said that in a comment submitted to the Ministry of Commerce in June, BMW refuted the reason for the tariff, claiming that competition from foreign automakers would not threaten US national security.

BMW pointed out: It is in the best interest of German automakers to completely eliminate the auto tariffs of the United States and the European Union, as this will save them about 1 billion euros per year. We expect US automakers to achieve similar savings.

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