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[Solution] Ukraine entered the wartime state! Will it fight with the fighting people?

Recently, the fighting people have picked up with Ukraine again-

On November 25, in the Kerch Strait (the junction of the Black Sea and the Azov Sea), three Ukrainian naval vessels attempted to enter the port of Mariupol and were intercepted by Russian border guards. The exchange of fire between the two sides of the ship, the Ukrainian ship was captured by the Russian border guards;

On the 26th, the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Commission announced that it will implement a 60-day wartime state throughout Uzbekistan and launch a new round of attacks on the armed pro-Russian militia control zone in the east; at the same time, an American electronic The reconnaissance plane is also entering the Black Sea near Russia.

What is the situation? Rubbing together, why did Ukraine let Ukraine claim to enter the wartime state, but also attracted the United States is not lonely? Will the shadow of war come?


The words Ukrainian ships are called hard battles. It should be noted that a tightly guarded Crimean cross-sea bridge has been traversed on the Kerch Strait. Russia has already made it clear that no vessel can pass without its permission.

So, why is Russia taking such drastic measures to prevent the Ukrainian Navy from passing through the Kerch Strait?

The answer is that the Crimean peninsula on the other side of the strait is a wound that is difficult to heal in Russia and Ukraine.

In 2014, the Crimea region was separated from Ukraine by referendum and merged into Russia. In this regard, Ukraine has always resolutely opposed it and, shortly thereafter, imposed a blockade on the Crimea region on the Pyreco isthmus that links the main territories of Crimea and Ukraine.

To break the Ukrainian blockade, Russia invested heavily and spent four years building a bridge across the sea from the Kerch Peninsula to Crimea. The bridge has made the Crimea and other parts of Russia more accessible, and also facilitates the future economic development of Crimea. It can be said that the completion of this bridge completely defeated the Ukrainian blockade against Crimea.

Looking into the future, if the economic development of Crimea keeps up with the level of Russia, then the Crimean people are more self-evident than the economically dying Ukraine. In force, Ukraine has not yet regained the Crimea; economically, Ukraine may not be selected by Crimea.

Therefore, the bridge was completed, and many Ukrainian politicians have voiced their voices, saying that they will be forced to blow up the military. Of course, Russia is not to be outdone, and immediately sent a very strong sea and air force to defend it.

As far as this incident is concerned, the bridge has become the fuse of a new round of friction between Uzbekistan and Russia.


The status quo in Ukraine is not optimistic.

Since the relatively neutral Ukrainian former President Yanukovych has been overthrown, the Ukrainian government's hostility towards Russia has increased. A little bit of difference between the two nations with centuries of common history, language and customs, is now used by politicians as a tool to flaunt the true Ukrainian patriots. In Ukraine, Russian was originally equal to Ukrainian status and has now lost its legal status.

At the same time, in order to warn Ukraine not to be too close to the West, Russia has also used the traditional means of sweeping iron bars. By not only the Russian citizens in Ukraine are dissatisfied with the official language policy of the Ukrainian government. The Crimea de-Ukrainian entered Russia and further supported the two Ukrainian-occupied states (Lugansk and Donetsk) in the eastern part of Ukraine to launch the Ukrainian movement.

In this way, there are several bloody wounds between the two brothers who have been fascinated by the gap.

Even if this is the case, the Ukrainian political elite does not seem to take the sense of crisis seriously. Looking back at the Ukrainian government's policy toward Russia in recent years, including mobilizing European countries not to hang the Russian flag and cancel the permanent seat of the UN Security Council in Russia. There are many tricks, but there are not many practical issues that Ukraine really needs to solve. .

Conversely, Ukraine's series of infighting rules are enough to bring the government closer to failure. Some politicians are still disregarding the overall situation and being too clever: they are keenly aware that Western countries are seeking opportunities to contain and squeeze Russia; Regardless of geographical location or historical and cultural traditions, Ukraine can add a new influence on this. If a politician approaches the Western countries and adopts an anti-Russian attitude, it can both gain the support of the West and use the nation. Is it not a good idea to cover the status quo of government failure?

Therefore, in today's Ukrainian political arena, resolutely opposing Russia has become politically correct. Any claim to compromise and ease relations with Russia is regarded as appeasement, empowerment, and even treason.

But neighboring countries and opponents are the fighting people. Everyone knows the means of solving problems in Russia. It has always been blunt and powerful, and it is absolutely noisy to solve it. This is not the case. With the war in eastern Ukraine and the call for the resumption of Crimea, Russia's domestic sentiment is soaring and the contradictions between the two sides have intensified.


The contradiction between Russia and Ukraine is such a drag, that is, several years.

Now, Ukraine has reached the election. The two eastern states (Lugansk and Donetsk) mentioned above, although not recognized by the central government, began to organize their own elections; according to the principle of autonomy of citizens self-determination that Western countries have always emphasized, the future governments of these two states, It is also necessary to take orders from the votes, and Western countries are not too good at questioning legitimacy.

Those things that you don't recognize now have legitimacy, and the Western countries that support themselves can't open their mouths. Together with the election drama in the capital Kiev, what will politicians do in this political atmosphere?

In fact, as early as a few days ago, there were media reports. For the self-election of the eastern two states, the Ukrainian government forces carried out large-scale military mobilization and shelled key areas. In this context, the Russian and Ukrainian navies suddenly friction, Ukraine announced that the country has entered a state of war, and the government forces have once again stormed the two eastern states... The logical dark line behind the incident can be imagined.

However, as stated before, the Ukrainian national machine is not far from the distance. In the past few years, the morale of the government forces and the eastern militia also appeared to be low. According to data released by the Ukrainian government, the government has produced more than 30,000 deserters in the past two years. Under such conditions, Ukraine has taken the initiative to take military measures against Russia, and it has indeed made the viewers curious.

It's a good idea to zoom in to the world. After the US mid-term elections are completed, you can concentrate on its world hegemony. The Syrian battlefield is already full of enthusiasm. It is difficult to say that the implementation of the sanctions against Iran is easy. Now, just behind these two issues, there is a shadow of Russia, and there is military friction at sea and Ukraine. It is indeed an opportunity to be dispatched.

The brothers must have laughed at the wall. At this time, the United States has to pay a lot of money, so that Russia has to worry about the stability of its confidant land, so that it will be able to sneak into other areas, and things will have to progress to a more complicated situation.


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