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Trump made a phone call with anger!

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Trump said he was angry.

It's not ordinary anger, it's a reprimand to pick up the phone and pick up the phone.

On the other side of the phone, is the female CEO of the US General Motors, Mary Barra.

What does Trump say?

In the comprehensive media report, he roughly said this:

I am very dissatisfied with this decision of GM. The United States has done so much for GM. This is what you have given us. GM should stop making cars in China and make a good car. Then return to the United States to produce.

I don't feel resentful. After a while, Trump, the chief correspondent of Twitter in the White House, pushed Twice two times and was a sigh of GM. The two tweets are roughly the same:

Very disappointing to General Motors and CEO Mary Bazaar, because they want to close factories in Ohio, Michigan, and Maryland, but not to factories in Mexico and China. The United States saved GM, which is what we got. thank!

I will now cut all subsidies to GM, including subsidies for electric vehicles. When GM built factories in China and Mexico a few years ago, it made a big bet on China. Don't think that this will not be repaid. I want to protect American workers!

Hate it, it's too irritating. But Trump's meaning is also very clear:

1, your decision of GM is too disappointing to me. Please note that thanks to Twitter, all Trump letters are capitalized: THANKS. Trump's anger, millions of grass and mud horses rushed past.

2, Mexico and China are lying down again, but this really has nothing to do with China's dime, but Trump must bring Mexico and China.

3, Trump seems to have issued a death order, GM must get a good car back, produced in the United States; as a punishment, I want to cut subsidies immediately.

So, the headline of many American media is: After General Motors announced layoffs, Trump threatened to cut subsidies; the following is a photo of Trump and Mary Basha talking about laughter.

It seems that friends will not be able to do it in the future.

It's no wonder that Trump is very angry. According to many American media, GM's decision is really playing the president's face.

Because according to GM's latest decision, five factories will be closed in North America, and 14,800 workers will be cut. Among them, four factories are located in the United States, including two assembly plants and two engine plants, and one is located in Canada.

5 factories, 14,800 workers!

In this era, it is difficult to open a factory, but it is the same in any country. Even the United States, a market economy, even a giant like General Motors, wants to shut down a factory, the White House immediately made such a fierce response.

The reason is as follows:

First, the automotive industry is a symbol of American industry, with different effects. The United States is the country on wheels, and GM is the leader of the American automobile industry. Everyone knows that if the company is big, the responsibility will be great. However, GM not only does not cooperate with Trump to fight for the economy, but now it has to shut down the factory, which is obviously against Trump.

Second, Trump pays special attention to employment, and you are doing it right. Don't forget, whether Ma Yun went to New York or Guo Taiming went to the United States, Trump personally met, because these big promises promised to bring a lot of jobs to the United States. But now, the local GM, the key moments off the chain, cut so many people, how do you make Trump feel?

Third, at the crucial time, GM is not political. In Trump's view, GM is not a factory in Mexico or China, but a factory in the United States. There is no overall concept. It's no wonder that Trump is very angry. If you do this, I will cut subsidies, including subsidies for electric vehicles.


Trump is angry, but GM has a hard time.

The cost is rising, sales are falling, and the world's consumption habits are undergoing profound changes. General Motors will not be changed and will be eliminated by the market.

For example, with the advent of electric vehicles, traditional compact cars are becoming more and more popular in the United States. In the first ten months of this year, Japan's Honda's Civic sold 11% in the US; GM's Chevrolet Cruze fell 22%.

This is the best-selling model of Honda and GM, and the fate of other common models is even more imaginable.

GM must be transformed, it must be shut down in the factory, and it must be transformed into electric vehicles and autonomous driving. This is the trend of the times, and the result of confronting the trend is that it is finally eliminated by the market. This is actually not a choice for GM. Ford has also said that it will stop producing traditional cars in the United States.

Considering this will inevitably stimulate Trump, GM has repeatedly explained this time, shutting down the factory not because of trade wars, but for better transformation, that is, reducing expenses in traditional fields, investing in electric vehicles and automatic In areas such as driving, GM will double its investment in the next two years.

But closing the factory means that taxes are reduced, and layoffs mean workers are dissatisfied.

Moreover, in Buenos Aires, Ohio, where the factory was shut down, Trump had promised to give more local employment opportunities. It was also seen by Trump's promise that the Ohioers voted for Trump.

After Trump was sworn in on eve, General Motors also worked very well. CEO Mary Basha publicly announced that in the next few years, he would increase investment in the United States by $1 billion and add 7,000 jobs.

General Motors specifically stated that 450 of these new jobs, originally in Mexico, are now in the United States, the corresponding slogan that Trump brings manufacturing and employment back to the United States.

The 7,000 positions have not yet been fulfilled, and 14,000 jobs will be cut. The big family is retreating, and the opposition is still talking about the wind. Democrat Tim Ryan said: President Trump is asleep, and he owes a claim to the local community.

Are you calling Trump anxious?

An angry, even said: out of the mix, always have to pay back. GM stopped producing cars in China and made good cars to the United States for production.

For GM, it is not easy to make new cars in the US; to stop producing cars in China is to give up the big market in China. The Japanese and German car dealers really want to laugh.

One side is the power of the market, and the other is the president's order. This is really MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, what about GM? Online, etc...

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