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The Ukrainian president is counting on Trump to bring words to Putin, but can they see it?

On the eve of the summit of the G20 leaders, there was a maritime conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The tension between the two countries escalated again, and the Western camps approved Russia. Russia pointed out that Ukraine is deliberately provocative for domestic elections.

According to the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), on November 27, local time, Ukrainian President Poroshenko said in an interview that he hopes that US President Trump can bring Russian President Putin to the words during the summit. Mr. Putin, please leave Ukraine (get out from Ukraine).

On the 25th, three Ukrainian warships crossed the Russian border and sailed to the Kerch Strait. Russia blocked the Ukrainian passage on the grounds of unauthorized permission. During the confrontation, Russian ships opened fire on the U.S. warships, causing injuries to the people and detaining three U.S. warships in the sea. After the incident became the Crimean crisis in 2014, the Russian and Ukrainian troops erupted for the first time in face-to-face conflicts.

According to the martial law signed by Poroshenko, local time today (28th), part of the border area of ​​Ukraine will enter a 30-day wartime state. Poroshenko told NBC reporters on the 27th that his army is preparing to defend Ukraine, but at the same time expects the United States to fulfill its commitment to support Ukraine.

I count on the United States, I count on the American people, Poroshenko said.

In the interview, Poroshenko warned Russia that if the war broke out, Ukraine would not recognize it. He said: We will fight for our freedom, we will fight for our democracy, we will fight for our country, if the Russians attack us, they will have to pay a huge price.

On the 27th, he was directly asked whether he would count on Trump in this maritime conflict. Poroshenko replied: This is an international obligation of the United States.

According to NBC reports, after the U.S. warship was detained by Russia on the weekend, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Heili, together with U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo and other Western leaders, immediately blamed the Kremlin and Putin.

However, Trump's statement on the 26th is intriguing. He said that day, no matter what, we don't like what is going on.

NBC said that Trump apparently did not want to directly accuse the Russian leader. When asked about the Crimean issue, Trump often blamed Ukraine for losing the Crimea to his predecessor, the Obama administration, and rarely directly accused the Russian leader.

And on the 27th, Trump's statement seems to have changed. The latest news from the Washington Post on the 27th said that Trump said in an interview that due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, he may cancel the meeting scheduled to be held with Putin at the G20 summit this week. He said that he is waiting for his national security team to submit a comprehensive report on the incident. I don't like this kind of aggression...

For this maritime conflict, the Russian authorities have always emphasized that their practices are in full compliance with international law and relevant domestic laws and regulations.

The Russian Federal Security Service Public Relations Center announced on the 27th that the documents found on a U.S. naval gunboat that triggered the incident showed that its mission was to conceal from Odessa to Berdyansk. The Russian Federal Security Service also said that a handwritten note found on the gunboat recorded the navigational regulations of the Kerch-Yenikarle Canal, which was formulated by Russia. This shows that the Ukrainian ship is very clear about the relevant regulations.

Before Ukraine had claimed that it had notified Russia in advance through the Kerch Strait.

Ukraine will hold presidential and parliamentary elections at the end of March and October 2019 respectively. Reuters previously said that Russian politicians have criticized Poroshenko for creating the Russian-Uzbek conflict and suspected of attracting votes before the election.

According to the Tass news agency, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on the 27th that it seems that Poroshenko has no chance to win in the general election and may not even have the opportunity to enter the second round of the election. Medvedev said that the provocation of Uzbekistan in the Kerch Strait is clearly a political decision that is beneficial to the current president.

In a conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the 27th, Putin condemned the provocative behavior of the Ukrainian side, saying that his warships seriously violated the norms of international law and deliberately ignored the peaceful passage rules of the Russian Federation's territorial waters.

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