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The total price is over $8.8 billion! Japan plans to buy 100 F35 fighters from the United States

Overseas Network November 28th According to Asahi TV, the Japanese government is considering purchasing 100 F35 fighters from the United States, which will cost more than 1 trillion yen ($8.81 billion).

The Japanese government plans to launch a new defense program by the end of this year and is currently considering how to maintain long-term defense. Some existing F15 fighters have certain difficulties if they want to carry out renovation and maintenance, and they decided to replace them with F35 fighters.

According to previous media reports, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force's Izo-class destroyer will be converted into an aircraft carrier and is planned to be equipped with the F35B vertical take-off and landing fighter. Japan intends to explicitly include this plan in the new defense plan outline at the end of this year.

The F35B fighter is a fifth-generation multi-purpose fighter in the United States that enables short-range take-off and vertical landing, and is suitable for amphibious assault ships that are narrower than ordinary aircraft carrier decks.

According to the rough estimate, if you purchase 100 additional F35 fighters, the total cost will exceed 1 trillion yen. (Overseas network Wang Shanning)

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