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Russian Prime Minister: Poroshenko can not enter the second round of the Ukrainian presidential election

Overseas Network November 28th According to the Russian satellite network, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on November 27 that the Kerch Strait incident was the intentional method that Poroshenko deliberately created to win the Ukrainian presidency, otherwise he even Unable to enter the second round of the presidential election, let alone win the election.

It is reported that Medvedev told reporters that it is obvious that the current President Poroshenko did not have the opportunity to win the election in the current situation, and may even have no chance to enter the second round of the election. In order to reach some resolutions that have a political advantage over the current president, the incident in the Kerch Strait was provoked. This is the means of election. Medvedev also said that the implementation of wartime status in Ukraine will bring serious problems to the country's economy and will not help improve relations with Russia.

On November 25, in the Kerch Strait (the junction of the Black Sea and the Azov Sea), three Ukrainian naval vessels attempted to enter the port of Mariupol and were intercepted by Russian border guards. The exchange of fire between the two sides of the ship, the Ukrainian ship was captured by the Russian border guards, and the relationship between Russia and Ukraine has intensified.

Ukrainian President Poroshenko announced on the 26th that the country entered a 30-day wartime state from 9:00 on November 28. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defence also announced that the country's armed forces entered a state of full readiness in accordance with the orders of the Chief of Staff. In response, Russian President Vladimir Putin responded on the 27th that he expressed serious concern about the Ukrainian decision to impose martial law.

It is reported that the Ukrainian presidential election will be held in March next year. According to statistics, in the October poll, Poroshenko's public opinion support rate has dropped to 7.8%, and according to Ukrainian law, the declaration of national martial law can be Postpone the election. However, on the 26th, Poroshenko specifically pointed out that the country will enter the wartime state, specifically pointed out that the validity period is set to 30 days, instead of the 60 days proposed by the National Security and Defense Commission recommendations, in order to prevent the wartime state. Affecting election activities.

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