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The case of the chairman of the US "Qiao Bao": the suspect opened a few shots

Overseas Network November 28th Local time on the 26th, the US Chinese media overseas Chinese newspaper chairman Xie Yining was shot in court, suspect Chen Zhongqi pleaded guilty in court. The prosecution pointed out that Chen Zhongqi had fired several shots at the victim when he committed the crime.

Integrated World Daily, Overseas Chinese News and other media reports, Chen Zhongqi's accusation of killing Xie Yining caused a sensation in the Chinese community at home and abroad. The case was scheduled to open in the morning on the 26th, but was postponed due to lack of Chinese translation. Chen Zhongqi was dressed in a blue prison uniform with an iron chain around his waist and was taken to court. His lawyers group offered no pleading guilty.

The day of the trial focused on how much Chen Zhongqi's bail should be set. Chen Zhongqi did not flee the scene after the murder on the 16th. He was arrested after the police arrived without rebellion. He was released on bail with 1 million bail. However, the Alhambra Police Station, which is responsible for the case, recommended that the Prosecutor's Office should increase its bail. The Lands Department has upgraded the bail to $6 million after assessment. As a result, Chen Zhongqi, who was released on bail for one night, was again on the evening of the 20th. Arrested.

Chen Zhongqi's defense lawyer Max pointed out that Chen Zhongqi did not escape during his bail, and he had problems with his legs and feet. He did not fight when he was arrested. Instead, he sat down and told the police through the case. In addition, the defendant is also a US citizen and will not abscond.

Max also mentioned that Chen Zhongqi drank a lot of wine one night before committing the crime, and did not close his eyes overnight. He was impulsive and murderous under the influence of alcohol. Regarding the amount of bail, he believes that it should not be based on the seriousness of the crime. The general murder bail is 2 million yuan, so the 6 million bail set in this case is 'unreasonable' and the family of Chen Zhongqi is not able to pay 6 million yuan. Chen Zhongqi's defense lawyer said.

On the other hand, Prosecutor Duran refuted the defense lawyer's claims from the possibility of the suspect's absconding and the potential threat to public safety. He said that once Chen Zhongqi fled abroad, the US justice would not be able to arrest him. However, his statement was interrupted by the defense lawyer, and the defense lawyer handed Chen Zhongqi's US passport to the judge, with the intention of indicating that Chen Zhongqi could not escape from the United States. Duran later said that Chen Zhongqi's crime was a deliberate murder, and he had sufficient time to prepare before committing the crime. During the bail, he had the intention to escape. It is reported that on the day of being released, Chen Zhongqi was hiding in the back seat of a car. It was suspicious that someone drove the vehicle to at least one bank.

For Chen Zhongqi, who may pose a threat to the community, Duran said that Chen Zhongqi had fired several shots at the victim when he committed the crime. Although Chen Zhongqi expressed his remorse for his crimes, the defense believes that Chen Zhongqi will still do something small. Losing self-control ability will cause safety hazards to others.

After listening to the two parties, the judge expressed understanding of the considerations of both parties and set the bail amount at 3 million yuan, of which 2 million yuan is for the murder charges faced by Chen Zhongqi, and 1 million yuan is for the holdings he faces. Weapons alleged and allowed the police to electronically monitor Chen Zhongqi.

The prosecution is currently suing Chen Zhongqi for murder. If he is convicted, he can be sentenced to imprisonment for up to 50 years to life imprisonment. The case will continue to be heard on December 18.

On the morning of the 16th local time, a shooting incident occurred in the office building of the Chinese Media Overseas Chinese Newspaper in Alhambra, California. Chairman Xie Yining was shot. Alhambra police spokesman Carl said at a press conference on the 16th that the shooting took place on the second floor of the office building. The suspects Chen Zhongqi and Xie Yining are colleagues. (Overseas network Zhang Ni)

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