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Duterte angers the rumors: those who say that I have cancer will definitely die before me!

Overseas Network November 28th Philippine President Duterte had been stunned by the outside world because of his bleak face. Recently, Duterte responded to this question and accused those who asserted that they had cancer, saying they would die before me.

According to the Philippine Star, local time on Monday (26th), Philippine President Duter said in a conversation that the opposition has been waiting to see my face change, they said that my face is black, I have kidney disease.

He explained that when he was old, his skin color would really dim.

Duterte also pointed out that those who determined that I had 'kidney cancer' would die before me. He also questioned why he was entangled in the death of a certain individual.

The 73-year-old Philippine President Duterte has been repeatedly ill, but Duterte insists that he is in good health.

In October of this year, when Duterte visited Jordan, his skin color became black and he was questioned by the outside world. Duterte said that this was because he often inspected the military camp and the climate in the Middle East was dry, so he was tanned.

About his physical condition, Duterte also admitted that he had suffered a motorcycle accident several years ago, causing the body to fall into long-term illness, and also had smoking-related diseases, but he insisted that he is currently healthy. . In September this year, he also revealed that he had a colonoscopy and endoscopy. The Philippine Presidential Palace has also responded that Duterte is very good and as strong as the horse. (Overseas Network Zhang Min)


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