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Russian "Hunter B" stealth flying wing drone is about to fly

On November 23, the Russian Tass news agency reported that the large-scale stealth flying wing drone hunter B prototype developed by the Russian Sukhoi Design Bureau with a maximum take-off weight of 20 tons has begun the ground high-speed gliding test. In the test, the aircraft has reached a speed of 200 km / h and is expected to make its first flight soon. Earlier, Tass news reports that the Hunter B drone will be used to test the cutting-edge technology required for the sixth generation of fighters.

The Tass news agency reported that the Sukhoi Design Bureau source said: In November, the 'Hunter' drone reached a speed of 200 km/h in the 'takeoff' run test at the Novosibirsk airport. , but it has not yet taken off.

The source also stated that: the action of sprinting, accelerating, and eventually stopping at the end of the runway was done entirely by the 'hunter'.

It is said that the Hunter UAV will conduct several high-speed taxi tests before the end of this year, but will not leave the ground for the time being, the source said. In the next phase of the experiment, it will leave the ground for a short time, rise to a height of a few meters from the ground and land immediately. After that, the first flight will take place.

Tass said that the Hunter UAV is a drone with a stealth technology and a tailless aerodynamic layout with a maximum takeoff weight of 20 tons. According to unconfirmed sources, the aircraft's maximum flight speed will exceed 1000 km / h. In 2011, the Sukhoi Design Bureau and the Russian Ministry of Defense signed a contract to develop the aircraft. The first prototype for ground display was completed in 2014.

Tass said that the source of a military-industrial complex had previously stated that from the perspective of artificial intelligence and automation, Hunter-B would be the verification machine for the sixth generation of Russian fighters.

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