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Can this also go wrong? Ukrainian official newspaper wrongly issued a martial law version

On the 26th, Ukrainian President Poroshenko announced the implementation of the martial law. But things are not over. The next day, in the news published by the official Ukrainian newspaper, the version of the martial law was wrong.

Today Russia (RT) reported that the official version of the Ukrainian newspaper issued an incorrect version of the presidential decree, and the publication of the publication was the last step in the entry into force of the decree.

The report stated that Ukrainian President Poroshenko originally planned to implement a special state of 60 days nationwide, which gave the Ukrainian army great power to decide what was allowed. But the fact is that because some opposition lawmakers have accused him of trying to seize more rights, it is quite challenging for the decree to win enough votes in Congress. Therefore, as a compromise, the martial law was reduced to 30 days and only came into effect in some areas.

The new version of the decree after the deliberation was originally scheduled to take effect on the official newspaper in Ukraine on the 27th, but the final version of the decree was printed.

It is reported that Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Ivanna Klimush-Tsintsadze clarified to the public on his Facebook account that this is not a despicable trick, but only a wrong one. The version of the decree. This issue has now been corrected.

On the 25th, Ukrainian naval patrol boats and Russian border guards clashed near the Kerch Strait, and Ukraine subsequently decided to impose a martial law. After the conflict, three Ukrainian ships and crew were detained by Russia.

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