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Follow-up to the Russian-Russian Black Sea: A Ukrainian soldier was detained for 2 months

Overseas Network November 27th Local time on the 27th, a court in Simferopol, Crimea, decided that a Ukrainian navy soldier who had been detained for the next time would be detained for two months.

According to the Tass news agency, the Ukrainian soldier detained was Vladimir Varimez, from Odessa, born in 1992. He will be detained until January 25. He was accused of violating article 322 of the Russian Criminal Code, using violent threats and systematically crossing the border illegally. Vladimir did not plead guilty.

According to Reuters, the soldier was detained by Russia on the 25th and he was also detained as the first of the 24 detained soldiers. On the 25th, Ukrainian naval vessels, the Berkyansk, Nikopol and Yanekabu, crossed the Russian border and sailed to the Kerch Strait. During the confrontation, Russian ships opened fire on Ukrainian warships and seized three Ukrainian warships that hardened the sea.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zaharova said that the Ukrainian move violated relevant laws and that it was also a planned provocation and aggression. According to our understanding, this provocative incident is premeditated. The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the 26th, solemnly protesting that the Ukrainian warships violated the law and provoked the incident. (Compile / Overseas Network Li Fang)

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