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Return home! Russian troops say 270,000 Syrian refugees have returned to the motherland

Reference News Network reported on November 28 The Associated Press reported on November 17 that the Russian military said that some 270,000 Syrian refugees have returned to the motherland in recent months.

Admiral Mikhail Mizitsev of the Russian Ministry of Defence told reporters on November 16 that according to data collected by Russia, nearly 6,000 people returned to Syria in the past week alone. He also said that a large number of refugees were returned to their homes.

The Moscow and Damascus governments have been encouraging refugees to return home and believe that violence has subsided. Russia launched a military operation in 2015 to help Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to make the war develop in a direction that is beneficial to him.

But Western governments believe it is too early to encourage refugees to return to the country, and fear that refugees will face persecution when they return to areas controlled by government forces without a comprehensive political agreement.

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