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After the Kerch Strait incident, Russia and Ukraine or the war broke out? Poroshenko issued a warning

Russia's 25-day attack and detention of Ukrainian army ships entering the waters of the Crimean Peninsula triggered a dispute between the two countries. Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao reported on the 28th that Ukrainian President Poroshenko said on Tuesday that Russia's borders on the border with Ukraine are frequent, and the number of troops has increased rapidly in a short period of time, warning that there may be a risk of war.

Proshenko said in a televised speech: The number of Russian tanks on the border with Russia is three times more. The number of troops deployed at the border has also increased rapidly. The actions show that Ukraine is facing the threat of a full-scale war with Russia.

He did not disclose the specific number of Russian troops, only that the news was obtained by the intelligence department of the country. The Kremlin has not responded yet.

UN Secretary-General Guterres issued a statement on the 27th through a spokesman, urging Russia and Uzbekistan to take immediate measures and use all peaceful means to ease tensions in accordance with the UN Charter.

Due to the disparity in strength, Ukraine has been actively seeking support from the West. According to CNN, Poroshenko had previously yelled to the United States and other allies: To coordinate and take effective measures to protect Ukraine... We must unite! NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg said on the 26th before the start of the NATO-Ukraine special meeting that Russia's seizure of Ukrainian ships is unreasonable. NATO has increased its presence in the Black Sea region. We must tell Russia that its actions will bring consequences.

The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting on the Russian-Uzbek conflict on the same day. The US Permanent Representative to the United Nations, He Li, accused Russia of recklessly pushing for an escalation of the situation, which seriously violated Ukrainian sovereignty and demanded that Russia release Ukrainian sailors. Due to opposition from the United States and Britain, the UN Security Council refused to consider the issue of the situation in the Straits Strait proposed by Russia. AFP said on the 27th that the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany and other countries also expressed their support for Ukraine. The President of the European Council, Tusk, called on Russia to return the Ukrainian crew and ships, and no further provocation. Austrian Foreign Minister Kneissl, the EU's rotating presidency, said on the 27th that it will decide next month whether to impose additional sanctions on Russia.

The ABC said it is worth noting that US President Trump did not condemn Russia. He told reporters on Monday: No matter what, we don't like the current situation. We hope that the problem can be solved. I know that Europe is not afraid and is solving this problem. We all solve problems together. According to reports, Ukrainian Permanent Representative to the United Nations Yeltchenko told reporters on the 26th that he hopes that Trump will issue a special post on the conflict and take a digital stand. However, Trump has not made any pushes so far.

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