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Turkish Foreign Minister: Too disgusting! When the murderer dismembers Kaschi, he listens to music and enjoys it.

Today's Russian news on the 28th, the Turkish Foreign Minister heard the recording of Kashoji's murder and said that the murderers were told to listen to music while Kashigi lived and dismembered. One of them said that they enjoyed the dismemberment process. .

Turkey Foreign Minister Kavushoglu said that he personally listened to a recording containing the terrible details of Kaschi's death at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

I listened. He was killed in seven minutes. This is a deliberate murder. Kavushoglu said in an interview with the German Southern German newspaper.

Kavushoglu described himself as hearing a doctor telling the murderers to listen to music while dismembering Kasuke. One of them also said that he likes to chop people.

It's so disgusting! Kavushoglu said.

Before, a number of media have reported various bloody details of Kashoji's murder. It is mentioned that the murderer used music to cover up his screams while dissolving Kasjiji live.

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