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US media: Trump or canceled meeting with Putin on the G20 due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

US President Trump said on Tuesday (November 27) that due to the Russian-Ukraine Strait conflict, the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Argentina may be cancelled.

This will be very decisive. Trump said in an interview with the Washington Post at the White House on the 27th that maybe I will not meet.

Before the White House press secretary Sanders said that Trump will hold a bilateral meeting with Putin at the G20 summit in Argentina. Trump himself recently said that he is looking forward to meeting Putin at the G20 summit in Argentina.

On November 26th, Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov said that the date of the G20's Putte meeting is still under study, but confirmed the plan. The G20 will be held in Argentina from November 30th to December 1st.

Russia and Uzbekistan respectively confirmed that on November 25, three Ukrainian navy vessels were intercepted and detained by Russia on their way to the Kerch Strait. Russia has pointed out that Uzbek naval vessels have not obtained Russian permission to enter Russia's territorial waters; Uzbekistan has identified Russian ships deliberately hitting ships and firing and wounding people.

According to the Russian statement, three people on the Ukrainian ship were injured and were not in danger of life. They were being treated by Russia. The Ukrainian side stated that six people were injured and three ships and many people were detained by Russia.

Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada, the parliament on the 26th, approved President Pietro Poroshenko and the National Security and Defence Committee's proposed martial law, announcing a 30-day war in a region in eastern Ukraine that may encounter Russian military strikes.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on the 26th that the Ukrainian dangerous move led to confrontation between the two navies. He pointed out that Uganda violated international norms and was obviously provocative, criticizing the Western camp for blindly supporting Ukraine. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zaharova said that Uzbekistan planned a series of provocative actions in advance.

After the incident, Russia was criticized by Western countries. The European Union, Britain, France, Poland and Denmark all supported Ukraine and condemned Russia. The US ambassador to the United Nations, He Li, also accused Russia of illegal actions against Ukrainian ships at the emergency meeting of the Security Council on Monday.

However, the US media pointed out that at the same time Trump evaded condemnation of Russia, only that the conflict in the Kerch Strait is not good, I am not happy at all, and will discuss the Black Sea incident with European allies.

Trump told the Washington Post in an interview on the 27th that he was still waiting for a full report from the national security team on the incident.

The Kerch Strait is located between the Kerch Peninsula in Crimea and the Taman Peninsula in Krasnodar, Russia. Crimea departed Ukraine and merged into the Russian Federation by referendum in March 2014. The United States and the European Union have accused Russia of annexing Crimea and imposing multiple rounds of sanctions. Russia responded with corresponding sanctions.

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