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The number of Russian troops on the Russian-Ukrainian border has soared, the Ukrainian president: fear of a full-scale war

Ukrainian President Poroshenko said on Tuesday (27th) that Russia's borders on the border with Ukraine have been frequent, and the number of troops has increased rapidly in a short period of time, warning that a full-scale war may erupt.

According to the Singapore Lianhe Zaobao, Poroshenko said in a televised speech: The number of Russian tanks on the Russian border bordering China is three times more. The number of troops deployed at the border has also increased rapidly. The action shows that Ukraine is facing the threat of a full-scale war with Russia.

But he did not disclose the specific number of Russian troops, only that the news was obtained by the intelligence department of the country. The Kremlin has not responded yet.

On November 25, three Ukrainian naval vessels were intercepted and detained by Russia on their way to the Kerch Strait. Russia has pointed out that Uzbek naval vessels have not obtained Russian permission to enter Russia's territorial waters; Uzbekistan has identified Russian ships deliberately hitting ships and firing and wounding people. According to the Russian statement, three people on the Ukrainian ship were injured and were not in danger of life. They were being treated by Russia. Uzbekistan stated that six people were injured and three ships and many people were detained by Russia.

According to the Russian Satellite News Agency, the Public Relations Center of the Russian Federal Security Service released on the 27th that documents found on a Ukrainian naval gunboat seized showed that its mission was to conceal from Odessa to Berdyansk.

Announcement: During the inspection, a document was found on the gunboat of the Nikopol. According to the document, the direct mission of the commander of the ship formation was to conceal from Odessa to Berdyansk, focusing on ensuring concealed approach and crossing. Kerch-Yenikkale Canal.

The Russian Federal Security Service also pointed out that a handwritten note was also found on the gunboat, which recorded the Russian-made navigation rules for the Kerch-Yenikarle Canal, which indicated that the Ukrainian ship was very clear about the relevant regulations.

The Russian Federal Security Service stated that three detained Ukrainian naval vessels carried grenade launchers, tank machine guns and heavy machine guns, automatic rifles, pistols, grenades and ammunition.

Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) voted to pass the presidential order submitted by the President on the evening of 26th. According to the presidential decree, from 9:00 on the 28th of Kiev time, parts of Ukraine entered a state of war for 30 days. These areas include the states bordering Russia and the Russian-controlled area along the Dniester River in Moldova, and the states along the Black Sea and the Azov Sea.

U.S. President Poroshenko said in a speech before the parliamentary vote that entering the state of war is not for war, but for defense. Uzbekistan will not give up its efforts to resolve conflicts through political and diplomatic means.

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