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Russian gunshot drone exposure: launching drone with tornado rocket launcher

Russian satellite news agency reported on November 27th, technical machinery The news agency of Konzern (affiliated to the Russian Technology Group) told the Russian satellite news agency that the development and testing of the tornado rocket launcher using the tornado rocket is in the final stage.

Technical Machinery The person in charge said when answering the relevant questions: The work is at an end.

The former president of the alloy research and production complex (the squad rocket launcher, belonging to the technical machinery Kang Zeen), Nikola Makalitz told reporters that the company has developed a tornado volley rocket launcher. Drone. He added that the first purchaser of the product is likely to be a foreign country.

Tornado is a Russian multi-barrel rocket with a diameter of 300 mm. The rocket is mainly used to kill living forces and damage armor and non-armored equipment, artillery companies and mortars, command posts and other targets.

Alloys Research and production complexes are Russia's leading producers of multi-barrel rockets. It was in the company that the famous hail BM-21 system and hurricane and tornado volley rockets, naval volley rockets, and various types of artillery shells were developed for these rocket systems.

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