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At least 10 deaths caused by sudden rainstorms in southern France

From the late night of the 14th to the early morning of the 15th, heavy rains in the southern province of Aude in southern France caused floods in some areas.

According to the latest revised casualty figures of the French Ministry of the Interior, at least 10 people have been confirmed to have died, compared with 13 reported previously.

This rainstorm is booming. In parts of Aude, rainfall in a few hours is equivalent to the total precipitation in seven months.

Local residents: This is a catastrophe, a catastrophe. It's hard to imagine that everything was ruined, nothing left, the flood passed through the village, and the bridge over there was washed away.

Because it was the rain in the night, many people were awakened by the huge sound of water in their dreams.

Local residents: It started to rain at about 2am, and all the time, suddenly we heard the sound of the rushing water, I turned on the light, but it was dark outside. I got out of bed and found myself standing in the water, I Going to the kitchen and trying to open the door to escape, but the door can not be opened, it took a lot of effort, this time, the water has risen to the waist so high.

Treb is the hardest hit area of ​​the flood. There are two rivers and a canal in the area. It is said that the water level has risen to its highest peak since 1891.

Many local people have suffered heavy losses in the floods and almost lost everything. Some people have questioned that it is not unpredictable for rain. Why not prepare for it in advance?

Local residents: We are angry. At 7 o'clock last night, we should have an emergency meeting to warn the water level of the canal, but there is no warning and no rescue work. Now people can only flee barefoot. My house is soaked, there are no blankets, no one helps us, no one answers our questions, no one tells us what to do.

According to French Prime Minister Philip, the floods caused about 8,500 households to lose power, but the power supply has gradually recovered.

Philip said that the emergency department has mobilized about 700 firefighters to deal with the disaster.

The Aude Provincial Government issued a tweet on the 15th that, for safety reasons, all primary and secondary schools in the province were closed for school on the same day, and railways were stopped in parts of the province. The Aude Provincial Government also advises residents to avoid going out.

This season's heavy rains are rare in southern France. The French meteorological department explained that the water temperature in the Mediterranean coast is unusually high, which is one of the important reasons for the frequent formation of stormy weather in the Mediterranean and its impact on many countries.

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