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White House Raiders: If you are favored, you have to "work hard" on anti-China speech.

This side, the relatively neutral US Secretary of Defense Matisse was labeled as a Democrat by President Trump and was in danger.

On the other hand, under the leadership of the President, Trump administration officials lined up to make anti-China remarks these days. From trade to military to human rights, the imagination can be said to be very rich.

Through these unwarranted accusations, it seems that people see the McCarthyism of the 1950s, spreading in the White House - more than half a century ago, Congressman McCarthy let the Red Scare anti-communism trend sweep the United States . Now, President Trump has set off this banner and let the anti-China trend raging in the White House.

Trump: What is the Democrat? Democrats are radical socialists

On October 14th, local time, CBS broadcasted the latest issue of the 60-minute talk show. The attitude of the respondent Trump to Matisse, people smell a dangerous atmosphere.

Trump told hostess Leslie Starr: If you must tell me the truth, I think he is a bit like a Democrat. He (Matisse) may leave, I mean, everyone will leave at some point. This is, after all, Washington.

It can be seen that the relatively neutral and steady Matisse is not very fond of Trump, and even some do not like it because he is like a Democrat. What is the Democrat in the eyes of Trump? The Democrats are radical socialists, and Trump has just been bombarded in the column of the United States today.

The severity of the word is probably second only to the worst adjective communist in the American political context.

In fact, not only Matisse, the media has repeatedly broke the news, Trump wants to expel the White House chief of staff Kelly, but there is no suitable way and opportunity. Kelly has always been considered the only one around Trump like an adult.

Who is safe around Trump? It seems to be the hawks headed by John Bolton, the president's national security adviser. Their favor seems to correspond to the anti-China rhetoric of the US government.

Although the US China threat theory has not stopped since the Sino-US trade friction at the beginning of this year, its density and intensity seem to have gone one step further. To sort out its context, Trump's speech at the UN General Assembly on September 26 may be seen as the beginning of this wave of intensive anti-China artillery.

The day's UN General Assembly speech, Trump suddenly accused China of interfering in the US midterm elections.

US Secretary of State Pompeo also expressed the same remarks and accused China of interfering in the US 2016 general election, the midterm elections, and the 2020 general election. China has already strictly refuted it.

But on the same day, the Chinese espionage was fermented, and the Observer Network had sorted out a series of espionage incidents, from which we can see the trend of re-emergence of McCarthyism.

In the 20 days since the above incident occurred, the Trump administration's accusations against China have not stopped, but even worse. Perhaps the most striking thing is that Vice President Burns made a speech on China at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC, which is very provocative. From the recent affairs in the South China Sea, the Taiwan issue, to Sino-US trade issues, to China's overseas investment issues, he has criticized China's internal and external diplomacy from various angles, with strong words and full of gunpowder.

Of course, this speech was also due to lack of evidence, and one of the Chinese wants the United States to change to a president, becoming a comedy on foreign social media. The Washington Post pointed out that it was because Trump suddenly accused China at the UN General Assembly, and Burns temporarily put together a speech.

But recently, the anti-China rhetoric of the US government does not stop there.

The main problem of this century in the eyes of the US government: China

As a typical Chinese hawk, Bolton has naturally not missed the opportunity to blame China.

He was interviewed on October 11th by Hugh Hewitt Show, a US conservative radio talk show, which was aired on the 12th. Bolton criticized the former President Obama administration's weak China policy and owed too much money on issues such as trade and the South China Sea.

He said that Trump believes that China has been profiting from the international order for too long, and that not enough Americans have stood up.

It's time now. He says.

They have never seen such a tough US president. I believe that their actions need to be adjusted in a range of areas in the field of trade, international, military and political.

Bolton said that Trump's tough attitude toward China has confused China. The US government regards China as a major issue in this century .

On September 30, the US Navy Decatur missile destroyer arbitrarily entered the waters adjacent to the islands and reefs in the South China Sea. The Chinese Navy's 170 ship acted promptly, and the US ship was identified and verified according to the law, and warned to be driven away.

But this act of safeguarding sovereignty and preventing the provocation of the United States was used by Bolton to make a fuss. He claimed that China's recent actions in the South China Sea were dangerous and said that the United States is determined to maintain the smooth flow of international sea routes.

He even said that with or without China's cooperation, we can see more mineral resources being mined. They need to know that they have not yet reached the fait accompli here. This is not a Chinese province, nor will it be.

Know that China has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea Islands and its nearby Haicheng. At present, with the joint efforts of China and ASEAN countries, the situation in the South China Sea has stabilized. However, the United States has repeatedly sent warships to enter the waters adjacent to the South Island Reef in China.

In reference to trade, Bolton added that China violated international trade and commercial norms and gained considerable economic and military power.

If they are put back in the right place, if they are not allowed to 'steal' our technology, their military capabilities will be greatly reduced. The tensions we have seen in China will be reduced.

He hinted that the US government is prepared to take more actions to limit the export of sensitive high-tech products to China: We have done this in military-civilian dual-use technology and will continue to do so. This technology may affect the development of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or ballistic missiles.

Yes, the United States continues to be self-contradictory. On the one hand, it complains about the trade deficit with China and on the other hand restricts exports.

Bolton also believes that in cyberspace, the United States also has the right to do the same thing: We want to do this in a way that protects our open economy, leaving others incapable of using it.

The future of the president's foreign policy is uncertain, but he is optimistic and hardworking. There are no stars in his eyes, Pompeo is not, Matisse is not, I am not.

China stealing US nuclear technology? What about the evidence?

As Bolton said, the US government does move under its Chinese panic.

On the same day, on October 11, the Trump administration announced that it would strictly restrict the export of civilian nuclear technology to China. Officials claim that these technologies are being transferred to a new generation of Chinese submarines, aircraft carriers and floating nuclear power plants.

The United States has consistently claimed that China continues to steal nuclear-related technology from US companies, benefiting Chinese state-owned enterprises, but the New York Times also admitted that in a telephone interview with reporters, government officials barely revealed what could support this claim. Intelligence evidence.

The restrictions announced on the day were mainly due to concerns that advanced reactors, especially compact power plants, would push China's power to project ambitions and accelerate the Chinese military to become a globally influential force.

This move has made some American media unsatisfactory. The US Foreign Policy Magazine analysis said that this may eventually hurt the US nuclear industry, and they are eager to compete in the world's fastest growing nuclear energy market. . Of course, that market is China.

US Members: I suggest that the FBI set up an anonymous hotline to fight against China

The recent anti-China rhetoric in the United States is not limited to claiming that China has stolen its technology, and that they are used to the argument: human rights.

According to the Washington Post, local time on October 10, Republican Senator Marco Rubio and Republican Representative Christopher H. Smith condemned China's Repressed and urged the US government to consider imposing sanctions.

More ridiculous is that they have also accused China of intimidating Chinese in the United States.

They also wrote to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate the matter. It is also recommended that the FBI set up an anonymous reporting hotline to counter the Chinese government's brazen threats and actions that affect the US mainland.

It is also said that the International Olympic Committee will review China's plan to host the 2022 Winter Olympics.

China has always interfered in the internal affairs of other countries. If you think about it carefully, should you be the best in the United States?

As for Xinjiang, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has responded to relevant questions for three consecutive days. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yan Shuang said that China has consistently and resolutely opposed the U.S. use of Xinjiang and religious issues to interfere in China's internal affairs. The Chinese government protects citizens' freedom of religious belief in accordance with the law, and the people of all nationalities in China enjoy full freedom of religious belief in accordance with the law.

At present, the overall situation of Xinjiang's society is stable, the economic development momentum is good, and all ethnic groups live in harmony. The social stability and long-term stability of Xinjiang are the common aspirations of the people of all ethnic groups and are in the fundamental interests of the people of all ethnic groups. A series of policy measures implemented in Xinjiang aim to promote stability, promote development, promote unity, and promote people's livelihood. At the same time, we will crack down on ethnic separatist and violent criminal activities in accordance with the law, safeguard national security, and protect people's lives and property.

Trump's White House can't help but recall the United States during the McCarthy era.

In 1950, Congressman McCarthy claimed that a large number of Communists, Soviet spies, and sympathizers were hiding in the US federal government, and a list of Communists was also listed.

Know that the list does not exist by itself because there is no evidence, just because it looks like a red molecule. Today, the term can also describe confusing people, unscrupulous and unwarranted, as well as publicly attacking political enemies or propagating someone to be unpatriotic.

Well, familiar taste...

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