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Trump new favorite paintings are friends spoof of the original painting: I'm just in my own way in painting

In a video interviewed by US President Trump on the 14th, a short shot swept his new painting on the wall of the office. This was captured by the eye-catching netizens and posted on social media, which then sparked heated discussions.

The Trump in the painting seems to be thinner than the actual one, with a cup of healthy cola in front of him, a gentle smile, and a group of former Republican-born presidents gathered in time and space, sitting together and having a chat, including Lincoln, Nixon, Roosevelt, George Bush and George W. Bush.

However, many netizens criticized the painting as vulgar, which is a poor imitation of the dog playing cards series of oil paintings.

Users @Blogavelli the Don: This is a live version of the dog playing cards.

Users @jess: I still prefer dogs to play poker.

Other netizens think that the Trump posture in the painting is too unrealistic.

Users @Empire Storm: Trump has never been so thin, his hand has never been so big.

Even some netizens have made real changes to Trump in the painting.

However, regardless of how the netizens commented, Trump himself appreciated the painting very much. The Washington Post reported on the 15th that Trump also made a special call to the author of the painting, Andy Thomas, and they had a pleasant conversation for three or four minutes.

As for how the painting entered the White House, in an interview with Thomas in the Washington Post, he said that the work was originally shown in a private club, which was made by California Rep. Darrell Issa. The deputy painting was taken to Trump. And, Thomas said that the painting in the White House is just a high-definition laser-printed version, and the original is still in his studio.

In the interview, Thomas also mentioned that he had done a lot of research. Finally, he decided that Trump was drinking Diet Coke in the painting, Reagan was drinking juice, and Bush was in front of iced tea. Nixon was enjoying it. With a good glass of wine, Lincoln drinks water.

As for the thin version of Trump that appeared in the painting, he explained that I tried to make everyone in my painting look as good as possible, such as making the character look thinner or softening if necessary. line. I do this in every painting.

When asked about the painting being tampered with and ridiculed by netizens, Thomas said that there are a lot of online sprays, and I am used to it. I just use my way to draw what I want to paint, and that's it.

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