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Stunned pilots in the self-timer air disaster

British tycoon Richard Cousins ​​traveled to Australia with a family of five during the New Year's Eve last year, and was hit by an air tour on a Sydney seaplane.

According to Sky News Network on the 15th, the cause of the accident was probably because one of the passengers accidentally stunned the pilot.

Reporting on the signing of Sydney Seaplanes partner Jerry Schwartz, all investigation reports show that the aircraft is in good condition, the pilots are well-qualified, and the aircraft maintenance is up-to-date. According to the current evidence, the cause of the accident is likely to be one of the passengers on board, accidentally stunned the pilot during the self-timer, causing the plane to lose control and crash.

Skowitz stressed that all the signs that the 44-year-old Canadian pilot Gareth Morgan had made a mistake, it is very likely that a passenger on the plane was hitting Morgan's head when he was taking a selfie. Caused Morgan to lose consciousness and finally air crash.

At 3 pm on December 31 last year, the British tycoon Cousins ​​took a family of five on an Australian water and water company's plane to visit Sydney Harbour Rose Bay. When the plane entered the northern Jerusalem Bay of Sydney and deviated from the route, many witnesses said that when the plane suddenly turned right, the nose of the plane plummeted and then collided vertically with the water. The crash site was located on the Hawkesbury River, from Sydney. 50 kilometers to the north.

The passengers at the time included Cousins, and Cousins' 48-year-old girlfriend Emma Bowden, 11-year-old daughter Heather, 25-year-old son William and 23-year-old Edward Edward. Five people, the air crash caused the Cousins ​​family of five and the pilot Morgan was killed.

Aaron Shaw, managing director of Sydney Seaplanes, said the pilot's operation before the crash was unexplained and could have caused the pilot's loss of mobility for some reason, but the investigation is still ongoing. He is not willing to comment further.

The final report on the cause of the crash will be announced early next year.

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