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Oolong! The US Embassy sent a group of emails to invite everyone to participate in the cat pajama party.

Overseas Network October 16th The US Embassy in Canberra, Australia, recently sent a business invitation email to the public on the theme of the cat pajama party, which is confusing. The US Embassy in Australia explained the matter on Monday (15th), saying that the email was sent by a new employee who was trained to test the email system and apologized to the recipient.

According to media reports from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the Daily Mail, Gavin Sundwall, a US public affairs adviser to Australia, explained on the 15th that the previously issued oolong mail was a New employees who were trained were accidentally issued while testing the email system. We apologize to those who are eager to participate in the cat pajama party. However, this kind of activity is really not in our profession.

Sanford also pledged to take strong new management measures to avoid similar incidents.

The title of the oolong email is said to be the meeting, the body is written with a cat pajama party, and some Latin characters. The most interesting thing is that the email also includes a photo showing a tiger cat wearing a cartoon pajamas. The kitten is sitting on the sofa lazily and enjoying the cookies, very cute.

It is not clear how many people sent the US Embassy to this email. The US Embassy in New Zealand recently posted a photo of a kitten working hard in front of a computer on a social networking site, and humorously confessed to the accidental e-mail sent by the Embassy in Australia. (Overseas Network Yao Kaihong)

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