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awkward! The US president is alone in the umbrella for an interview. Leave his wife in the rain.

Overseas Network October 16th Local time on the 15th, US President Trump and his wife Melaniya flew to Florida and Georgia to inspect areas severely affected by the hurricane of Michael. Before the two men set off from the White House, the American media noticed the embarrassing scene: on the way to the helicopter, the attention of the American leader was attracted by the camera and the camera. He then took the umbrella to the reporter, while his wife was a People stand in the rain.

Comparing with AOL, Vanity Fair and other media reports, when the US president and his wife went to the helicopter to leave the White House, Trump stood alone with his umbrella, left his wife to the reporter and began to communicate with them. The US president spoke about the recent performance of his own TV interview with Melaniya, saying that his wife performed very well on television, and that he did not do well.

The first lady of the United States at this time seemed to be not so interested in the camera. She stood in a far position and waved her hand with a smile. After the interview, Trump also went to his wife, and they continued to move side by side. It is worth noting that the US President still held the umbrella above his head and it took a few seconds to get between the two.

After seeing this scene, foreign netizens are also voicing the lack of demeanor of American leaders. Netizen Felicia criticized: Trump is really a man of no grace, and he dominates the umbrella as usual. Jude said: When Trump's wife was drenched, he gave himself a big umbrella, which shows a lot of things. User Rhodes also pointed out: Again, he (the US president) did not have an umbrella with his wife.

US media revealed that this is not the first time Trump has made a headline on the website because of his family. Just in January, when Trump and his wife and son Barron left West Palm Beach and were ready to board Air Force One, he was accused of occupying an umbrella and exposing his wife and children to the storm. (Overseas network Zhang Ni)

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