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Wen Zai confirmed that Kim Jong-un was denuclearized on the peninsula. He praised him as "sincere and courteous"

Overseas Network October 16th] On the 15th, South Korean President Wen Zhai said during his summit meeting with French President Mark Long that he hopes France will support the establishment of a peace mechanism on the Korean Peninsula and calls for the realization of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. The correct choice made on the denuclearization is affirmed. In the interview with the French media, Wen Zai praised Kim Jong-un for his sincerity, simplicity, calmness and courtesy.

Integrated by the French Express and the Cross, this Monday (15th), the text of a state visit to France is holding a summit meeting with Mark Long. Wen Zai stressed that the international community needs to send a signal to Kim Jong-un, affirming that he has made the right choice in realizing the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Wen Zai also called for support for Kim Jong-un's efforts for peace. Wen Zai believes that as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, France should play an important role in this process.

Then, in an interview with the French newspaper Figaro, Wen Zhe also praised Kim Jong-un. Although he is very young, he has shown sincerity, simplicity, calmness and courtesy, and said that Kim Jong-un has achieved (nuclearization). The firm will of the present is now the time to respond to his efforts.

After the G20 summit in 2017, this is the second meeting between Wen Zai and Mark Long. Mark Long said that he will strengthen cooperation with South Korea in defense and will visit South Korea in 2019.

Wen on the 13th, he flew to Paris and opened a 9-day trip to Europe. He will visit France, Italy, the Vatican, Belgium and Denmark.

According to overseas network reports, on September 18th, Wenyi visited North Korea, and then signed a joint declaration with Kim Jong-un in September. The DPRK and the ROK will promote the denuclearization of the peninsula, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the North and the South, and work hard to bring the Korean Peninsula. The establishment of a permanent peace zone and other issues reached an agreement. (Overseas Network / Liang Yi)

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