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Observations | Turkey finally put the people Trump wants, can the two countries return?

Turkey releases the key US hostages, and Trump's joy is beyond words, but it may be premature to think that the relationship between the United States and Turkey will pick up.

Reuters reported on October 13 that President Trump said on the same day that the US pastor Andrew Brunson was released after being detained for two years in Turkey and took a huge step toward improving relations between the two countries.

It is understood that Brunson is 50 years old, from North Carolina, has lived in Turkey for 23 years, and served as a pastor in a small Protestant church. After the attempted military coup in Turkey in July 2016, the Turkish side arrested Brunsen, identifying him as a mastermind of the attempted coup, a Turkish religious figure living in the United States, Fethuela Gülen, and the Turkish anti-government armed PKK, suspected of violating counter-terrorism. legal. He has been detained in Turkey since October 2016 and was released on October 12, 2018.

Before, the relationship between the United States and Turkey became tense in August, when an agreement to release Brunson ended in failure, and Trump authorized the levying of tariffs on imported Turkish steel and aluminum products, which led to the Turkish lira. The Turkish economy suffered a heavy blow overnight against the US dollar. Some media believe that the release of Brunson shows that the relationship between the two NATO allies has begun to thaw.

Wang Jin, an associate researcher at the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, said in an interview with a reference reporter that the release of Brunson is of great significance to both the United States and Turkey.

Wang Jin pointed out that, first of all, the incident has a certain impact on the US midterm elections. Brunson is an American evangelical, and evangelicals are an important support force in the Trump electoral camp. Therefore, this release of Brunson is an account of Trump's evangelical voters and helps to win the support of Christian evangelicals for the Republican Party.

It is understood that evangelicals account for one-third of the American Christian population and have an important influence in American politics. In the 2016 US presidential election, 81% of whites in the evangelicals voted for Trump.

Wang Jin said that on the Turkish side, the Turkish economy suffered a severe impact due to strong sanctions imposed by the United States. The release of the hostage will help Turkey to alleviate external pressure and ease the economic burden.

Wang Jin believes that after the hostage release incident, the relationship between the United States and Turkey may usher in Xiaoyangchun for a period of time, but in the future, the two sides still have to face three major differences: the United States refuses to allow the Turkish side to extradite the mastermind of the attempted coup in 2016. Lun's request, unless the latter produced evidence; the issue of Kurdish armed forces in the Syrian situation; and Turkey's purchase of Russian S-400 air defense missiles.

Wang Jin said that in recent years, Turkey has bet on the strategy: Turkey has always looked west and wants to enter the Western world, such as joining the EU; but occasionally it will look east, on the Syrian issue. Russia is hot. This kind of practice on both sides is not sinful, and the main reason is that Turkey needs a relatively stable external environment to stabilize its political power and seek benefits. As the forefront of NATO's confrontation with Russia, neither the United States nor NATO can completely abandon the ally of Turkey. If the latter is really bad, it will cause great losses to the United States and NATO.

The relationship between the land and the land under various interest disputes may usher in a short-term sweetness, but it still has to face the pain after the sweet period.

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