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Russian media: Nigerian prince suddenly died in an entertainment club in Russia

Overseas network on October 16th According to the Russian satellite news agency reported on the 16th, the official website of the Russian city of Cherepovets said that 32-year-old Nigerian prince Gabriel Segun Ajayi (October 13) He died in the early morning.

Ajay's widow, 50-year-old resident of Vologda, Russia, Natalia ∙Vegginina said that Ajay died of a heart attack at an entertainment club.

The representative of the Russian Investigation Committee Vologda State Branch said: The cause of death will be judged by forensic identification.

Vegginina and Ajay are known through the Internet. In the early days of acquaintance, they relied on electronic translation. The two gave birth to a pair of twin sons in 2017.

It is understood that Nigeria is located in Africa and has more than 2,000 kings and thousands of princes. Although these people have no actual power in government agencies, they can mediate regional conflicts based on customs, and even families can influence local politics.

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