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Ukrainian church wants to fly alone Moscow Patriarch breaks with Constantinople

Before the nominal leader of the Orthodox Church, the Patriarch of Constantine announced the autonomy of the Ukrainian church, and the Russian Orthodox Church led by the Moscow Patriarch was extremely angry. On October 15th the Russian church was held in Minsk to the meeting of the Episcopal Conference. After the meeting, he responded by saying that he had sever all relations with the unrestrained Prime Minister of Constantinople to protest against the support of Ukraine to establish an autonomous church.

According to Reuters reported on October 16, after the Russian Orthodox Conference, Belarusian cleric Metropolitan Ilarion said in a speech that the Orthodox Supreme Council decided today to sever relations with the Emperor's Patriarchate. The Russian church has no choice, we cannot make other decisions, because the recent logic of the history of the Chiefs of Constantine has prompted us to do so.

The Russian Orthodox Church of the Episcopal Conference (Священный синод) was held in Minsk on October 15th, hosted by Moscow and all-Russian patriarch Kirill. The theme of the conference was to discuss the decision of the universal patriarch of Constantinople on Ukraine and to formulate a response to the Russian Orthodox Church. Earlier, the Emperor of Constantine announced the cancellation of the order issued in 1686, the Kiev Metropolitan Diocese from the Moscow Patriarchate, became the autonomous church (Автокефалия), and said to restore Kiev in Constantinople Representative office.

Before, Moscow Volkswagen Prime Minister Kirill's spokesperson, Alexander Volkov said that making this decision means that Constantine has crossed the red line and that the Russian church meeting will make a full and tough response. .

From the perspective of the Russian church, these decisions are illegal. The Russian church will not comply with these decisions, said Illion on Monday. The Protestant Bishops Conference issued a statement on Monday that the Church of Constantinople unilaterally made an illegal decision, ignoring the appeal of the Ukrainian Church (Moscow Saint Seiya) and the Russian Church.

Russian clerics lamented that this was the biggest disagreement in Christianity in a thousand years after the split of things in 1054.

Since Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, the roots of Ukrainian domestic beliefs stemmed from the fact that Russia-Ukraine diplomatic relations are in full swing. The Ukrainian Church (Moscow of the Holy Trinity) has always been in line with the Russian Orthodox Church and has long dominated Ukraine. But since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, its dominant position was challenged by the indigenous Ukrainian church (Kieti).

The Ukrainian government accused the Moscow church of exerting an anti-government influence on Ukraine and using itself as a tool for the Kremlin to defend the Great Russian expansionism and the East Ukrainian separatists. Moscow's Patriarch Kirill denied that the church was a threat to Ukraine, and it was far from being Putin's embarrassment. It claimed to have done a lot of work in peace in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian Orthodox Church severed relations with the Church of Constantinople, meaning that believers in the Moscow Patriarchate could not receive the Holy Communion in the church of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, the priests and clergy of the two churches. It is also impossible to conduct joint worship.

According to the Belarusian National News Agency, before the Minsk Bishops Conference, Moscow's Patriarch Kirill had met with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. Lukashenko believes that splitting is always bad, which means negative consequences, and negative consequences are the most dangerous things.

Today Russia quoted Rostislav Istikenko, chairman of the Russian System Analysis and Prediction Center, as saying that this matter is nothing to the residents of the Russian parish. They did not pray in the church of the universal priest, because the latter It does not exist on Russian territory at all. This incident mainly means that the Russian church no longer recognizes the traditional status of the Church of Constantine. On the other hand, Istikenko believes that the number of parishioners in the Church of Constantinople is negligible.

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