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Yemeni President Hardy issues a presidential decree to appoint a new prime minister

Source: CCTV News Client

On the evening of October 15, local time, Yemeni President Hardy issued a presidential decree to revoke the position of Prime Minister Ben Dager and investigate him. He also appointed former Minister of Public Works and Roads, Maine Abdul · Malik is the new prime minister, and other members of the cabinet remain unchanged.

At the same time as the announcement of the abolition of Ben Daeger's duties, President Hardy also announced a related investigation. The main reason and content of the investigation was that the previous government of the leader did nothing and could not do anything in the face of the economic collapse. Meeting the supply of state goods and alleviating the suffering of the people, especially the sharp depreciation of the Yemeni currency Rial. In the presidential decree, Hardy also pointed out that the Ben Dagar government responded to the hurricane and heavy rain disasters in Mahla province. (CCTV reporter Zhang Yuchen)

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