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The truth is white? Saudi missing reporter or death due to "inappropriate trial"

Overseas network on October 16th, a few days ago, the case of the disappearance of the Saudi reporter was confusing, causing diplomatic turmoil. CNN reported on the 15th that the Saudi government is preparing to admit that the missing Saudi journalist Hassughi died due to improper trial.

US media reported that the Saudi government's forthcoming report is still in preparation and its content may be revised.

In addition, the report may conclude that the action was conducted in the absence of transparency and that the person involved will be held accountable.

On October 3, the journalist Hassoghi, who served as a commentator for the Washington Post and resided in the United States, disappeared after entering the Saudi Consulate General in Istanbul, Turkey. Afterwards, the Saudi government said that Hasughi had left the Consulate General on the afternoon of the same day, but did not provide relevant evidence.

The Hasughi fiancee who had been waiting outside on the same day said that she did not see Hasjiji coming out of the consulate.

The report said that the disappearance of Hasughi triggered a diplomatic storm and that Saudi Arabia's relations with Western countries were fissured. Many international companies have withdrawn from the upcoming investment summit in Saudi Arabia, which was originally scheduled to be held in Riyadh later this month. The incident also caused tension between Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The Turkish side has always accused Saudi Arabia of not actively cooperating with the investigation of the case.

US President Trump said on the 15th that US Secretary of State Pompeo will soon set out to meet with Saudi King Salman to help resolve the incident, and if necessary, Pompeo will also go to Turkey. (Overseas/Li Meng)

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