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Why does Trump say that the US space army is behind China and Russia? Russian media: want to provoke a space arms race

Reference News Network reported on October 16 Russian media said that US leader Donald Trump claimed that the United States lags behind Russia and China in space military. He commented on his initiative to establish relevant units in the US military. But the US president believes that the United States can catch up with its rivals. With the best people in the world, they are already making the best missiles, tanks and ships. Experts believe that Trump borrows an excuse to lag behind people in order to obtain financial allocations, and Washington's ultimate goal is to provoke a space arms race.

According to the report of the Russian TV station today on October 14, the US president said that the United States lags behind China and Russia in the formation of the space army.

In a speech in Kentucky, Trump warned that the Pentagon is following his instructions to study the formation of the sixth US military, the Space Force.

The US leader said that by the way, China has already begun (formed the space army), and Russia has already begun. They started first, but we have the best people in the world, we make the best equipment, the best missiles, tanks and ships in the world.

The report said that Igor Korochenko, editor-in-chief of the Russian Defense magazine and member of the Public Committee of the Ministry of National Defense, could not agree with Trump.

In an interview with Russian TV today, he said that there are components in the United States. They are probably at this level. It is another matter for them to start building now. But the potential is there. Moreover, the United States is actively conducting weapons research and development for the subsequent march into space.

Russian military expert, retired colonel Victor Litovkin believes that this kind of initiative in Washington is an attempt by the US military industry to make money in space.

This expert pointed out in an interview with Russian TV today that it is trying to make money, deploy weapons to space and threaten Russia and China from there. We are opposed to China at the United Nations. Weapons cannot be allowed to be deployed to space because we do not know what might happen to the deployment of weapons in space. This may become a catastrophe of the earth.

The report notes that Trump proposed the idea of ​​forming a space army when he gave a speech to military personnel in California in March. He pointed out that space is the same space as land, sky and ocean for combat operations.

In June, Trump ordered the Pentagon to set up a space army. Later in the United States, US Defense Secretary James Matisse pointed out that the Ministry of Defense fully supports the President's initiative and is studying his commission.

The report said that in Russia, the space force is affiliated with the Russian Air Force and is a separate unit from the air defense and anti-missile force. The mission of the space force includes monitoring space objects and identifying threats to Russia in space and from space (overcoming such threats if necessary), preventing missile attacks, launching spacecraft into orbit, managing and supporting the preparation of military and dual-use satellite systems. use.

Litovkin pointed out that the Russian Air Force's defensive functions, we will not deploy weapons to space. But we also make satellites, space ships and missiles.

Koroshiko stressed that our air force is mainly aviation. The aerospace component is the military satellite group and missile attack warning system at the Plesetsk launch site. We have no space combat forces in space.

The report said that in 2017, the United States did not support the three resolutions aimed at preventing the space arms race when voting at the United Nations. In addition, as early as 2008, the United States did not support the draft treaty on the prevention of the deployment of weapons in space, the use of space objects or the threat of use of force.

When commenting on the US initiative, Moscow called on Washington to show sensibility and not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Russian Foreign Ministry said that the disaster impact of space armed confrontation can not be less than the nuclear arms race provoked by Washington in the middle of the last century. The consequences of the world have not been overcome so far... Obviously, weapons in space can be strategically stable and internationally safe. Have a devastating effect.

Korchenko believes that the ultimate goal of the Washington military reform is to provoke an arms race.

This expert concluded that the US goal - the space arms race. Trump's plans are all about the desire to legalize the upcoming space warfare system into space. (Compile / Li Ran)

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