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For a stone, two Indian parliamentarians met as reporters.

On the 6th, two members of the Indian ruling People's Party in an open official meeting did not agree with each other. The reason for the fight is only for a stone.

According to the Indian New Delhi TV station, a number of senior officials and journalists were present at the official meeting of the Sant Kabir Nagar area in Lucknow, India, on the 6th to review development projects and other work in the region. People's Party MP Sharad Tripati and State Councilor Rakesh Bagle took off their shoes and raised their fists in this scene.

It's both of them

Look at what happened at the time

Tripati asked at the meeting why his name did not appear on the cornerstone of a local road project. Is there any guidelines?

Bagler: This is what I decided. How old are you?

Tripati: According to the basic rights, I am a member of parliament.

Bagler: Basic rights, you will tell me later.

Tripati: Why do I want to tell you?

Bagler: Why not?

Tripati: I am a member of parliament!

Bagler: I am a member of the state!


Next, Tripati's move was almost beyond the expectations of everyone: he took off his shoes and slammed Bagel's head.

Bagler was not willing to show weakness, stood up, opened the persuasion, and went back to Tripati to fight back with his fist.

In the end, the two separated only under the blockade of the police.

Afterwards, Bagel and his large number of supporters protested outside the district judges' office and demanded the arrest of Tripati.

At present, the People's Party has not stated what action it will take. Pandi, the local chairman of the People's Party in Uttar Pradesh, told ANI that we have learned about this reprehensible incident and have summoned two people to Lucknow. We will take strict disciplinary action.

Afterwards, Tripati also regretted the incident. I regret this matter. It is not doing well. This is not my normal behavior.

Because of their actions, the People's Party has also become the object of ridicule and accusation.

The Indian Parliament raised the Twitter People's Party on Twitter.

The leader of the Indian opposition, the chairman of the Indian Socialist Party, and the former Uttar Pradesh chief minister, Achilles Yadav, also criticized the People's Party on Twitter. Today in Uttar Pradesh, claiming to be the most disciplined People's Party in the world, one of their congressmen and one of the state legislators respectfully use shoes to swear. The People's Party is expected to fail in the upcoming elections. In fact, the Bharatiya Janata Party cannot find a candidate for the election. Yadav wrote on Twitter.

A Chinese netizen criticized this is a shame of the People's Party in relevant reports

The People's Party is full of arrogance, corruption and the desire for power.

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