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The FBI is at home in the 90-year-old. . . Actually found 2,000 human bones and 5,000 national cultural relics! Contains terracotta warriors!

The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently released the results of a case investigation, causing shock to foreign media!

The FBI found a 90-year-old man hiding secrets. . .

In Indiana, in the middle of the United States, there is such an inconspicuous house.

As soon as you approach, you will find the house unusual.

The door of the house is set with a terracotta warrior.

The interior of the house is more like a museum than a private home.

The male owner of this house is a late engineer, Don Miller; he died in 2015 at the age of 90.

It is reported that most of his collections were acquired by Miller during World War II.

But the collections of these collections are not very clean and have caught the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

What is hidden in his home? Let's take a look:

Almost 2,000 human bones from ancient Native American burial sites have been discovered among tens of thousands of rare cultural artefacts by FBI art crime detectives at an Indiana home.

Agents from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation's Art Crime Department found about 2,000 Native American bones in a house in Indiana. These bones come from the burial sites of Native Americans. In addition to these bones, FBI staff found tens of thousands of rare artifacts in the house.

An FBI investigation determined that Don Miller, who died in 2015 aged 90, collected the objects in violation of several treaties and federal state statutes.

The FBI determined that Don Miller, who died at the age of 90 in 2015, violated a number of regulations and federal laws to illegally collect these items.

FBI finds 2,000 Native American bones in raid on 91-year-old collector's home via independent.co.uk

In fact, in 2014, the FBI went to his home to investigate; but in order to convict Mr. Miller, the FBI still spent a lot of effort.

Mr Miller had started his collection eight decades before, when he first found arrowheads on his family's farm as a child.

Mr. Miller began collecting artifacts about 80 years ago. When he was a child, he dug some arrows in the farm field at home.

Nearly five years later, the investigation is ongoing, and experts anticipate it could take decades to sort through the thousands of objects that the FBI seized, since determining their legality means first figuring out where and when each was purchased.

After five years of FBI intervention, the investigation continued. The survey's experts expect that it will take decades to figure out the way the FBI has found thousands of artifacts from Miller's home. To determine if each artifact is obtained through legal means, you have to figure out when Miller got the artifact.

FBI finds 2,000 Native American bones in raid on 91-year-old collector's home via independent.co.uk

Before, the FBI staff never disclosed the details of the case.

But not long ago, the team leader Tim Carpenter accepted an interview with the US media CBS News and revealed some details of the case to the public.

Mr. Carpenter said: I was shocked when I walked into the suspect's home! I have never seen such a large private collection in my case!

When I was went into his house and saw the size of the collection, it was unlike anything we'd ever seen, Tim Carpenter, who heads the FBI's art crime unit, told CBS News correspondent Anna Werner. Not only me, but I don't think anybody on the art crime team.

Tim Carpenter, head of the FBI's Art Crimes Department, told CBS  News reporter Anna Werner: When I first saw his house in such a huge collection, I was shocked and told us about it. Seeing is completely different. Every detective in our case team should have never seen such a huge collection. "

"While seizing thousands of artifacts from an Indiana home, FBI makes 'staggering' discovery via cbsnews.com

Let's see how big the collection is!

FBI photos – never before shown publicly – give a glimpse of the collection: some 42,000 items, including pre-Colombian pottery, an Italian mosaic, and items from China.  

The FBI has published photos that have never been published before. These photos give us a glimpse of some collections: about 42,000 pieces, including Columbus's porcelain found in the American continent, fine Italian inlays, and artifacts from China.

While seizing thousands of artifacts from an Indiana home, FBI makes 'staggering' discovery via cbsnews.com

Detector Carpenter pointed out that many cultural relics are illegal. Mr. Miller himself admitted this.

It's enough to deal with the artifacts that Miller illegally obtained from countries. But FBI investigators then found more amazing and difficult collections:

2000 human bones - belonging to more than 500 bodies. In the face of this discovery, the heart of the FBI staff is. . .

It's very staggering, Carpenter said.

" This discovery shocked us too much," Carpenter said.

Why would anybody have that many human bones? Werner asked.

Reporter Werner  Asked: Why do some people get so many bones?

I don't know. I truly don't know, Carpenter said.

Carpenter said: I don't know, I really don't know.

Are you just like Xiaobian, there is a question in your heart:

Why do you want to collect so many human bones at home? Why do some people have such a creepy collection?

Native American burial sites dating back thousands of years have been a source of fascination for archeologists for decades.  

For decades, archaeologists have been very interested in the burial points of Native Americans thousands of years ago.

One old government film showed the excavation of an ancient Native American village in Alabama. Over time, many other sites have been looted by people seeking artifacts and even skeletons.

A film taken by the US government in the early years introduced the process of archaeologists excavating bones in an Native American village in Alabama. Many Native American burial sites have been looted; some are looking for artifacts, and some are for the bones of the aborigines.

While seizing thousands of artifacts from an Indiana home, FBI makes 'staggering' discovery via cbsnews.com

For these Native American bones, the FBI has decided to send them back to their place, because these bones are extremely valuable to the descendants of the tribe.

Experts determined the remains found at Miller's residence likely came from Native American tribes. In North Dakota, tribal official  is working with the FBI to bring them home.

According to the experts, the bones of Miller's family should come from Native American tribes. In North Dakota, in the Midwestern United States, tribal leaders are working with the FBI to bring bones back to the Horde.

At present, the FBI has returned some of the cultural relics to the country of origin; China will also send a delegation to retrieve our precious cultural relics.

For foreign netizens, after reading the report, they left such a comment:

ShanaLC:Can you imagine the ticked off souls flying around that place?

Can you imagine the soul of resentment flying around in this house?

R is for Rocket : He should have been charged when he was still alive.

If the old man is still alive, he will be prosecuted.

Eleanor Brown: There is no way I could sleep in a house with 2,000 stolen human bones inside. I don't know how this guy did it.

If I let me sleep in a house with 2,000 stolen human bones, I will go crazy! I don't know how this person did it.

anthro2: We cousins ​​dug up an Amerindian when we were 12-years old. We didn't know the remains were there, we were just digging under an overhang.   Our parents took it to a university that had zero interest. Now there are world-known digs at that area.

My cousins ​​and I dug up the bones of an American Indian when I was 12 years old. We don't know that there is such a bone in that place. We just dig and play under one roof. Our parents sent the bones to a university, but the people at the university were not interested at all. There are many world-famous cultural relics unearthed in that area.

via dailymail.co.uk and washingtonpost.com

What do you think about the collection of this 90-year-old man? Do you have a collection of people around you, what are you collecting?

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