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You can feel the hustle and bustle of the United States across the screen.

America's senior reporter is no longer a spokesperson for the State Department: You are weak!

The US State Department spokesperson is not doing well.

Because the old was beaten.

Russian RT TV station noticed such a scene on the 6th: At the 5th US State Department press conference, spokesman Robert Paladino seemed to want to guide the US media in wording with the official station, accurately calling the US support. The Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido was the interim president of Venezuela, but was also smashed by the Associated Press reporter.

First look at what happened.

The conversation he had with Associated Press reporter Matthew Lee at the time was like this:

Palladio: The United States appreciates the efforts of the Venezuelan people to achieve a peaceful and democratic transition and congratulates the interim President Juan Guaido for his diplomatic efforts in the region to succeed and return to Venezuela safely. However, we note that in the report, some media mistakenly referred Juan Guaido as an opposition leader or a self-styled president, neither of which is correct.

The basic fact is that the National Assembly remains the only legal and democratically elected institution in Venezuela. Juan guai was elected president of the National Assembly on January 5, 2019. On January 10, Maduro took the presidency.

Therefore, according to the Venezuelan Constitution, Juan Guay, the chairman of the National Assembly, became the interim president of Venezuela on January 23, and millions of Americans and more than 50 countries also recognized Juan Guaido as Venezuela. Interim president. He has appointed and awarded dozens of ambassadors to Venezuela's international organizations, the United States and many other democratic countries.

Therefore, in addition to calling Guaido a temporary president, the other title to him will fall into the script of the dictator, it is this dictator (referring to Maduro - ring ring) to usurp the presidency, leading to Venezuela I am caught in today's humanitarian, political and economic crisis. The international community must unite to support the interim President Guade and the Venezuelan National Assembly and support Venezuela's process of peaceful restoration of democracy.

(It's really a cliché, not a draft - ring ring)

Matthew Lee: Let me just say it. Are you complaining that the news media is calling him by a name that you think should not be used (referring to Guaido)?

Palladio: Not complaining, just asking. (I) just trying to correct it.

Matthew Lee: For me, it sounds more like a complaint, and it's really weak-sauce. I don't understand what your problem is. I mean -

Palladio: He is a temporary president, we don't want to—

Matthew Lee: Well, you think he is a temporary president. As you said, there are 50 other countries that recognize him as a temporary president. But the United Nations has more than 190 member states. So you (say) 50 countries are still less than half. right?

Palladio: We support the Venezuelan Constitution and the Venezuelan people. We support the Venezuelan people. Therefore, it is time for the United States to take action to support democracy and-

Matthew Lee: Do you think the news reports that he is the legitimate leader, the president, will encourage more countries to recognize him?

Palladio: We don't like the rhetoric of the current dictator.

Okay, translate the essence of the above dialogue:


1. You can only call Guaydo a temporary president. Other names are not right.

2. More than 50 (democratic) countries around the world have recognized Guaido as interim president.

Matthew Lee:

1, are you complaining? lame!

2, more than 50 countries are not even half of the UN member states.

Is it the end of the matter?

Not yet.

In the second half of the press conference, the US State Department spokesperson who repeatedly stressed that more than 50 countries supported Guaido was a bit embarrassed.

Q&A is as follows:

Q: Since you mentioned this number again (Editor's Note: Recognizing Guadeo's country), Robert, 54, that is only a quarter of the world's countries, right?

Palladio: You know this number. But we have the support of most countries in the Western Hemisphere. What I want to say is that there is Europe. If we look at democracies, we are doing very well. right?

Russian RT TV station said on the 6th that the US efforts to change regime in Venezuela are being frustrated, so the US State Department is trying to create a reality, trying to create a reality by intimidating journalists to call Guadeo according to official standards. As a result, Associated Press reporter Matthew Lee did not eat this set, but instead described the State Department spokesman as a weak explosion.

Who is this Matthew Lee?

In the report, RT described him as a no-nonsense reporter, known for his long-standing confrontation with State Department spokespersons.

RT believes that this time, Matthew Lee left another good impression on the world's people: he exposed the complete disrespect of American diplomacy to international law - dividing the world into a democratic country and other countries.

Matthew used his perfect logic to look back at the American spokesperson and attracted the applause on the Internet.

There is a Twitter user message saying: Obviously, Paladino is fully aware that every sentence he says is a lie. When he is forced to tell these lies according to the text, it seems to be in real pain.

In fact, this is not the first time Matthew has been so smashing US officials. Netizens who have long been concerned about Sino-US and international relations may know that this reporter has also been on the question of who is militarized in the South China Sea, whether Taiwan is a country, or even Syria, Palestine, etc. The government made a sharp question, and more times at the US State Department's press conference, the government spokesperson did not come to Taiwan.

The most recent one was his question about the Meng Zhouzhou incident, and he asked the US government spokesperson anxiously.

At the time, a spokesperson for the US State Department was issuing a statement on the case of Canadian Kanming Kay, who was arrested for allegedly endangering China's national security, demanding that China be released. However, Matthew Lee asked the spokesperson whether he would ask for the same standard to arrest Meng's Canadian release. The spokesman was very embarrassed.

On the video site Youtube, the video about the reporter tearing up the US government spokesperson is a big hit.

Russian RT TV has also interviewed him specifically and told the audience that he is a person who often puts the US State Department spokesman 'roasted on fire'.

Well, it's baked well.

文/冬瓜侠 Wu Xiaobao

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