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How does Trump hide his transcripts?

8 years ago, Trump publicly dissed US President Barack Obama and asked him to open his academic record to prove that he was not a bad student.

After 8 years, Trump himself was exposed to the method of coercion and temptation to make his academic transcripts during high school and college and the SAT scores a permanent secret.

According to the US Washington Post on March 5th, in 2011, Trump had studied for five years, the New York Military Academy was under the pressure of Trump friends, forced to hide Trump's learning record.

In addition, former Trump lawyer Cohen testified in Congress last week that he had received a Trump order to threaten his high school, university, and SAT college board to never disclose his transcripts and SAT scores. Otherwise they will be held accountable.

This time, Obama immediately looked back. According to New Yorker, Obama told reporters on Wednesday that Trump should provide his primary school diploma. Although the US Constitution does not require the president to graduate from elementary school, it is not bad to know that he really graduated from elementary school.

Trump has proudly stated on many occasions that he is a top student in the best schools, but now he is exposed to unscrupulously hiding his transcripts. How does Trump step by step to let his transcripts be buried forever? Is he a bachelor or a scum?

Friends pressure, principals' own academic records

Everything Trump himself provoked.

In 2011, Trump attacked Obama, saying that I heard that Obama is a bad student, very bad. How can a bad student go to Columbia University and then to Harvard? I am thinking about this and I will investigate this issue. Let him disclose his academic record.

A few days later, Evan Jones, then president of the New York Military Academy, received an order from his boss, Jeffrey Cofdale: to find Trump's academic record and buried it.

Trump has spent five years in the private boarding school, the New York Military Academy, since the fall of 1959, allegedly because Trump's parents want him to be more disciplined.

According to the Washington Post, Cofdale confirmed the news on March 4, saying that several members of the school board initially asked him to hand over Trump's academic record to them, but he refused to hand over the record to They, however, still transfer the records to other places to ensure that the records are not made public.

Coffdale has said that several of the school's wealthy alumni, including one of Trump's close friends, put a lot of pressure on the school's board of directors in the process.

Former lawyer testified that it threatened the school not to be public

Besides the high school principal's confirmation of a hidden academic record, Trump's former lawyer, Cohen, gave him a big blow.

Last week, Cohen went to Congress to testify that he had been ordered by Trump to ask his high school, college, and college councils to never disclose his transcripts or SAT scores, or he would be held liable, including fines. Punish or even reduce government funding.

Cohen presented a letter to the President of Fordham University in 2015 at the hearing, threatening them not to disclose Trump's academic record. Trump began studying at Fordham University in 1964 for two years before moving to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

According to the Washington Post, a Fordham University spokesperson confirmed last week that they had received a letter from Cohen.

Is Trump a schoolmaster or a student?

Why did Trump, who has always been a top student, spare no effort to hide his academic transcripts?

According to the US media Salon, Trump has been shaping himself as a top student for many years, saying that he was the first class at Wharton. In March last year, Trump called me a very smart person. I am a top student in the best schools in the country.

However, according to several media reports, Trump's name does not appear in Wharton's list of outstanding students or academic honors.

Forbes News analysis said that Wharton is directly rated by GPA (credit score), but Trump failed to graduate with honors, meaning his GPA is lower than 3.4, or he used to Because other acts are punished.

In addition, Trump's transfer to the University of Pennsylvania has also raised doubts. Gwenda Blair, a writer who wrote a biography of the Trump family, hinted that Trump was able to transfer to the Wharton School of Business, largely because a member of the Wharton Admissions Committee was a high school at Trump Brothers. Classmates, in addition to Trump's father is the New York super rich.

Blair also said in Trump's biography that Trump's performance at Fordham University is just OK.

Forbes News said that there was no big relationship with the GPA, but Trump himself made this big, and then used his constant lies to maintain his smart image.

GQ magazine said that almost no one voted or voted for someone because of high school or college grades, but Trump is undoubtedly a narcissist, so he can't accept his transcripts. The world accepts the judgment of the world.


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