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This "obscenity" video was issued by the president!

Brazil President Bolsonaro is too fierce.

It's really too much.

Only two tweets were sent, and he quickly swiped the screen on the international media.

The first one is like this:

Translate, roughly what it means:

Sharing these is really uncomfortable, but we must show the truth to the public, let them know, and always put their interests first. This is the face of many street carnivals at the Brazilian Carnival. Leave a message and talk about your opinion.

The point is that he shared a video.

CNN describes it as an obscene video

Russian RT TV station said it was a very clear video of peeing

CNN is described as follows: There are two men in the video who appear to be standing on the roof of a bus. One of the men was wearing only a protective triangle bandage. He stroked himself in a very sexy and sultry posture, and then let another man pee on his head.

CNN also stressed that Borsonaro did not mosaic when sharing, he also had to 3.4 million Twitter fans to talk about feelings. On Wednesday (6th), Borsonaro made another tweet and asked a question:

What is a golden bath?

CNN explained that the two men in the video acted as a golden bath. In fact, the Brazilian Carnival, which began on March 1, has always been a relatively friendly activity for homosexuals and LGBT groups (gay, bisexual or transgender). RT said that Borsonaro made such a video and raised the issue. He wanted to criticize that the carnival has become too homosexual.

Because Borsonaro himself is openly homophobic. He has publicly stated that, yes, I am homophobic and proud of it. He also said that he would rather let his son die from an accident than hope that he is gay.

Next, let's talk about the reaction of things.

According to CNN's description, after the two tweets were issued in Borsonaro, #弹劾博尔纳罗##金浴总统# and #博尔索纳罗 are right #都上推推 Special hot search. The last label was apparently set up by his supporters.

And the opponents are also lined up with him:

Can the president send such obscene videos?

So many children are likely to see, is this responsible?

Why should Borsnaro do this?

CNN's analysis reveals a hint of revenge. According to reports, although the Brazilian president did not say what time the video was, where the film was taken, the outside world did not know whether the two men were actors or ordinary revelers, but it is said that the video was taken at the Brazilian Carnival. This year's carnival seems to provide an opportunity to criticize his opponents of the Brazilian president. Some people sing and laugh at his songs during the carnival, screaming at his slogan and laughing at his mask.

Oh, yes, CNN also mentioned that there are two men in the world who are often used by the outside world to compare with Borsonaro.

One is called Trump,

One is called Duterte.

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