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Jin Yinan: India-Pakistan air war, who shot down the Ingram-21?

According to the Voice of China, the National Defense Military News Center reported on March 7 (Zhou Yuting) A few days ago, there was an air confrontation between India and Pakistan. According to a video released by Pakistan, the Indian Air Force pilot Abinadhan released by the Pakistani side. In describing the air war, the lieutenant colonel said that he did not shoot down or see the F-16 fighter jet of the Pakistan Air Force. When he searched for targets in the air, the MiG-21 he drove was suddenly shot down.

What is the truth about the situation? How will this round of conflict between India and Pakistan develop? These are the topics that should be of concern to today's South Military Forum.

Moderator: According to Lieutenant Colonel Abinadan, the pilot of the Indian MiG-21, he did not see anything in the air, but found nothing, but he was already searched by the enemy without knowing it. Going and locking, a mid-range strike, the MiG-21 was shot down. Some analysts believe that the fighter that shot down the MiG-21 is the F-16. What do you think of Professor Nannan?

Jin Yinan: The Indian side has found many reasons. It is said that Pakistan has dispatched the most advanced F-16 and was beaten down by the F-16. Pakistan has already said that the F-16 has not been dispatched.

There are two reasons for Pakistan: First, the F-16 has fewer players left, and less than 20 F-16s have been cut off by the Americans. So the rest is not. It is hard to say that there are several F-16s that can be dispatched and can maintain normal flight conditions.

Second, the Pakistani side has also signed a thing with the United States. Any offensive operations are not allowed to use the F-16. This time, the Indian plane flew into the Palestinian airspace. The ground target that attacked the Palestinian side was in the first place. The Pakistani plane flew into the Indian airspace as a revenge. From this perspective, it also belonged to a retaliatory offensive of the Palestinian side. The action, this action does not work according to the agreement between the Palestinians and the United States to use the F-16.

The third reason is that the F-16 data is basically in the Indians, because the Americans want to give the Indians a modified F-16, called F-21, all the performance is in line with the Indian side. The report was made, so the Indian side has an understanding of the operational performance of the F-16, including its radar frequency, fire control radar, and search radar frequency.

So from this point of view, it is impossible for Pakistan to dispatch the F-16. It is not very big to send the F-16.

Moderator: So although India is very keen to prove that Pakistan illegally used the US F-16 fighter jet to shoot down the Indian warplanes, there is still a saying that it is actually a ground-to-air missile that knocked down the MiG-21. Do you think the possibility is big?

金一南: You can't be a ground-to-air missile from such a sign, because you can see from the wreckage of the MiG-21 that if it is a ground-to-air missile, it is basically fragmented. Explosion, honeycomb explosion, but the shot down MiG-21 is obviously a large part of the missile, not a distant explosion, but a direct hit by the missile warhead. This kind of surface-to-air missile is unlikely, air-to-air missile Probably.

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