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A spokesperson for the US State Department upheld the Venezuelan opposition and was smashed by reporters. . .

The Associated Press reporter Matt Lee, who was dismantled in the United States at the Meng Zhouzhou incident, went into battle.

He once again let the US State Department spokesperson who felt good about himself for the last second and wanted to guide the media, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the next second.

According to the press release of the press conference on March 5th of the US State Department website, spokesman Robert Paladino also mentioned Venezuela, which was in deep crisis under the US-backed coup. Paladino tried to correct the media's use of the report that Maduro was called an opposition leader or a self-reliant president, allowing them to recognize Guade as an interim president, as the US government did.

He also put forward arguments: more than 50 countries have recognized Guaido.

But I didn't think that Paradino's argument that he thought he could stand still immediately appeared to be weak in Matthew Lee's questioning.

Matthew Lee, as he used to be, is not too slow but well-founded, saying: But the United Nations has more than 190 member states. So even 50 of your 50 countries have not even arrived. right?

Well, almost half of the UN member states...

According to the video, let's restore the scene.

Robert Paladino first said a lot of words with confidence and wanted to guide the disobedient media: The United States praised the actions of the Venezuelan people to achieve a peaceful and democratic transition and congratulated the 'interim president' Juan Guaido's diplomatic efforts in the region have been successful and safely returned to Venezuela. However, we have noticed that some media mistakenly referred to Juan Guaido as 'opposition leader' or 'self-reliant president' in the report. This is all wrong.

Tell you a few basic facts: The National Assembly remains the only legal and democratically elected institution in Venezuela. Juan Guay was elected as the President of the National Assembly on January 5, 2019. On January 10, Maduro took the presidency.

Therefore, according to the Venezuelan Constitution, Juan Guay, the chairman of the National Assembly, became the interim president of Venezuela on January 23, and millions of Americans and more than 50 countries also recognized Juan Guaido as Venezuela. Interim president. He has appointed and awarded dozens of ambassadors to Venezuela's international organizations, the United States and many other democratic countries.

Therefore, in addition to calling Guaido "the interim president, the other name for him will fall into the dictator's script, it is this dictator (referring to Maduro) who has usurped the presidency, leading Venezuela into today's Humanitarian, political and economic crises. The international community must unite to support the interim President Guade and the Venezuelan National Assembly and support Venezuela's process of peaceful restoration of democracy."

The voice just fell, the Associated Press reporter Matthew Lee came on the scene: Let me just say it. Are you complaining that the news media used a name that you think should not be used to call him (Guaido)?

Not complaining, just asking, just trying to correct it. After Paladino finished, took a sip of water.

Matthew Lee: For me, it sounds more like a complaint, and it's really weak-sauce. I don't understand what your problem is. I mean...

Palladinian interrupted: He is a temporary president, we don't want to...

Matthew Lee: Well, you think he is a temporary president. As you said, there are 50 other countries that recognize him as a temporary president. But the United Nations has more than 190 member states. So you (say) 50 countries are even far away. right?

Palladio's answer is somewhat unfavourable. Repeating our support for Venezuela: We support the Venezuelan Constitution and the Venezuelan people. We support the Venezuelan people. Therefore, it is time for the United States to take action to support democracy and -

Matthew Lee continues: Do you think that the news report that he is the legitimate leader, the president, will encourage more countries to recognize him?

We don't like the rhetoric of the current 'dictator'. Paladino said that while playing with the speech in his hand, it seems to ease the embarrassment.

Matthew Lee then turned to another question, and Paladino took a deep breath:

In fact, in the second half of the press conference, Paladino did not give up on the country that supported Guadeo: I think - I think I have the latest figures - as many as 54 countries have admitted Juan Guaido is an interim president.

But it was taken back by the reporter: Since you mentioned this number just now, Robert, 54, that is only about a quarter of the world, right?

Falled twice in the same place, Paladino said: You know, the number of this country. But we have received strong support from the Western Hemisphere, and I want to say that the same is true in Europe. If we look at democracies, we are doing very well. Right? Ok.

Speaking of Matthew Lee, he is a serious journalist and is famous for his frequent fighting with the US State Department spokesperson. Today Russia (RT News) said that this time, Matthew Lee helped the world a lot and pointed out that American diplomacy completely disrespected international law - dividing the world into a democratic country and other countries.

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