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No homosexuality in Malaysia? Malaysian Tourism Minister rushed to clarify

Today, a number of foreign media are reporting on Malaysian Tourism Minister Muhammaddin's statement on homosexuality at the ITB Berlin in Germany on the 5th: Malaysia has no homosexuality.

According to CNN, a German reporter asked Muhammaddin at the time, does Malaysia welcome gay travelers?

I don't think there is anything in our country (anything like that), Muhammaddin replied.

It is reported that Muhammadine also avoided reporters' questions about the safety of LGBT groups and Jewish tourists.

Therefore, many foreign media interpreted Muhammadin's statement as: Muhammaddin said that there is no homosexuality in Malaysia.

On the 7th, Muhammad issued a statement on Twitter explaining the situation at the time.

According to CNN, Muhammadin said in his statement that his answer at the time was: Malaysia did not have specific tourism activities for the LGBT community. He added that Malaysia has adopted an open policy in welcoming foreign tourists and will not impose any unnecessary obstacles on them because of their sexual orientation, religious beliefs and cultural practices.

Muhammaddin also wrote in his statement that Malaysia, as a sovereign country, has its own views on the LGBT community and Israel and hopes that other countries can respect their national sovereignty.

After Muhammaddin issued this statement, many media believe that he is clarifying his earlier comments.

However, CNN quoted today's Malaysian news network as saying that an assistant of Muhammaddin disclosed that these comments were published by Muhammaddin in his personal capacity, but in line with the relevant policies of the Malaysian government, the Malaysian government. Does not recognize the LGBT community.

In addition, Freedom Malaysia reported today that Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said in January that his government would not tolerate homosexuality. The Malaysian government believes that same-sex marriage and other LGBT activities are Western practices that are unacceptable in the country.

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