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Prime Minister: The Navy is ready to intercept Iranian oil transportation. Russian media: The success of the plan is doubtful.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said on the 6th that the Israeli navy is ready to intercept the transportation of Iranian oil, and also called on other countries to stop Iran from bypassing US sanctions to transport oil. However, the Russian media expressed doubts about the success of Israel's action.

Today Russia (RT) reported on the 7th that Netanyahu said at a graduation ceremony of a naval student in Haifa, Israel on the 6th that Iran is trying to bypass US sanctions by secretly transporting oil at sea. As this behavior increases, the (our) navy will play a major role in stopping Iran's actions.

But RT immediately points out, although Netanyahu emphasizes that the Israeli sailors are well trained and good at carrying out maritime missions, but he did not explain a question: how is Israel's relatively weak naval force, how to deal with Iran's tankers? Implementing the so-called blockade?

In November last year, the United States unilaterally withdrew from the Iranian nuclear agreement JCPOA and imposed sanctions on Iran's oil, shipping and banking industries. This was strongly opposed by the parties to the agreement and Iran's business partners, but Israel Welcome. Iran expressed anger at the US bullying behavior and said it would protect its tankers from any threats that could jeopardize transportation, especially on the Strait of Hormuz, which connects the Persian Gulf to the outside world.

RT stated that Israel will need to expand its operational area to deal with its so-called illegal economic activities in Iran. RT also questioned whether the success of Israel's plan is questionable because Iran's maritime strength is much stronger than Israel's.

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