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US Government Memorandum: Implementing Border Policy for Spanish-speaking and Latin American Immigrants

New Beijing News According to a US government internal work memo obtained by the Associated Press, US border agents were told to explicitly target Spanish-speaking and immigrants from Latin America, and the Trump administration requested border applications for asylum. The policy of staying in Mexico.

The Trump administration launched this policy later in January. It is reported that the policy was first applied to the cross-border who surrendered to the official, but the memorandum of a department head of the Border Patrol San Diego Department showed that the policy was extended to illegal cross-border groups last Friday.

In the memorandum, pregnant women, LGBT people, and people with medical needs may not be transferred to Mexico to perform asylum procedures in the US immigration court system. The authorities have previously stated that children travelling alone and asylum-seekers from Mexico are not included.

Two US government officials confirmed the content of the work memo to the Associated Press in an anonymous manner. Some commentators believe that it is not surprising that most of the recently arrested cross-border people are from Central America, but it has rarely been seen so far for Western speakers and Latinos.

The number of cross-border arrests soared to the highest point in 12 years in February, with more than half arriving on a family basis. These include many asylum-seekers who often choose to surrender to border agencies when crossing the border, rather than evading arrest. In recent years, Guatemala and Honduras have replaced Mexico as the main source of cross-border people.

It is understood that this policy, known as Remain in Mexico, was earlier this year in San Diego and San Ysidro border crossing near Tijuana, Mexico. The first implementation was to prevent asylum-seekers. According to past practice, a person applying for asylum at the border can wait in the United States as his case passes through the immigration court, and this process can take months or even years.

Before, senior US government officials have said that the Trump administration plans to expand its policy in the next few weeks to transfer immigrants seeking asylum outside the San Isidro checkpoint at the US-Mexico border to unidentified new locations.

New Beijing News reporter Liu Yuzhao 

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