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The Queen of England hosted a reception to celebrate the 50-year title of Crown Prince Charles

(Observer Web News) Queen Elizabeth II hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace on March 5th to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her eldest son Charles, Prince of Wales.

Reuters news on the 5th, the day's reception showed the crown, sword and other items worn by Charles in the July 1969 book. His senior members of the Royal Family, including Prince William and Prince Harry, and British Prime Minister Teresa May, all attended the scene and witnessed Charles's memorable moment.

It is understood that Charles is the longest person in the UK who has been the heir to the throne for 1000 years. He has the title of Prince of Wales for 50 years. Because the 92-year-old queen is still in good health, it is believed that Charles will still have to be with this prince. The title is for a while.

At present, within the whole of Europe, Charles, who has passed the 70th birthday, will become the oldest king in the UK and will be the second largest in the world after the 70-year-old Liechtenstein Grand Duke Franz I. Long standby second place.

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