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The EU gave Britain 48 hours: propose a new plan as soon as possible to break the deadlock!

New Beijing News According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) local time on the 6th, the EU asked the UK to propose new Northern Ireland options within the next 48 hours. If the plan is reasonable, they will be urgent on weekends. Negotiation.

The UK said this week that they have come up with a reasonable plan to dispel domestic lawmakers' concerns about alternatives in Northern Ireland. But I wonder if their proposal can be recognized by the EU.

According to the previous Brexit agreement between the British Prime Minister Teresa May and the European Union, if the UK and Europe cannot reach a better agreement on trade in Northern Ireland during the transition period after Brexit, the transition period will end. Triggering a backup plan, which may lead to a hard border between the Northern Ireland region of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, causing the country to split. This is also the main reason why Teresa May's Brexit agreement failed to pass in the first vote.

After that, Teresa May had several rounds of negotiations with the European Union, but failed to make real progress. The EU has a firm attitude and the Brexit agreement can no longer be discussed.

According to previous reports, Teresa May promised to vote in the second Brexit agreement on March 12th in the British House of Commons last month. If the agreement has not yet passed, it will be voted by the parliament on the 13th whether there is no agreement to leave the EU. If there is no agreement to leave the EU and it will be rejected, the parliament will continue to vote to decide whether to postpone the Brexit.

Official Brexit from the UK On March 29th, there were only 22 days. Whether the UK can propose a plan that the EU considers reasonable within 48 hours will greatly affect the follow-up of Brexit.

New Beijing News reporter Xie Lian

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