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Chao Media: If Trump does not want to lose the opportunity, he should take the first step before the North Korean action.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Lu Hao said on the 7th that China has always advocated peaceful resolution of the Korean Peninsula issue through political dialogue. This is the only way to solve the peninsula problem.

At the regular press conference on the same day, a reporter asked: On the 5th, US National Security Advisor Bolton said in an interview that the United States still hopes to talk to North Korea and expects North Korea to release a positive signal. However, he also said that if North Korea is not committed to denuclearization, the United States will not relax its economic sanctions against North Korea. On the same day, the North Korean New Newspaper published that if Trump does not want to lose the opportunity to denuclear forever, he should take the first step toward a synchronized action to build a DPRK-US trust relationship before North Korea explores a new path. How does China view the solution to the peninsula problem after the US-DPRK leaders met in Hanoi?

Lu said that after the meeting between the DPRK and the DPRK leaders in Hanoi, both sides expressed their willingness to continue to maintain dialogue. China is affirmative and encouraging. I hope that both sides can insist that this willingness be truly put into practice.

Lu said that the settlement of the peninsula is not a day's work. The key is that the two sides must balance the legitimate concerns of all parties, continue to actively enhance mutual trust, gradually accumulate consensus, and finally solve the problem of the peninsula through political dialogue. Flat road. China has also proposed a package, phased, and synchronized initiatives, and hopes that all parties concerned can seriously consider it.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs website

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