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Malaysian Prime Minister: The threat of extremism in Southeast Asia is increasing

(Observer News) According to foreign media reports on March 7, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad said in an interview with ABS-CBN in the Philippines on the 7th that the threat of extremism in Southeast Asia is increasing day by day, which is impossible for the government to stop. The infiltration of armed elements is related.

The Malaysian Prime Minister who is officially visiting Manila said: It is regrettable that extremism is growing and the situation will deteriorate. Mahathir believes that the first task is to discover and remove the source of terrorism.

The Malaysian Prime Minister stated: The militants continue to exploit the poorest and isolated class, who are very vulnerable under their propaganda.

Mahati also mentioned the largest anti-terrorist campaign in the Philippines in southern Mindanao in recent years. In May 2017, militants invaded Malawi for several months, when at least 1,100 extremists were killed, while about 500,000 local residents were forced to flee the city. The specific number of armed elements clashed with government forces and law enforcement agencies has not been reported. At the same time, Mahathir pointed out that at least 1,000 extremists have traveled from Malaysia to the southern Philippines.

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