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The referral of the princess, the Thai Nationalist Party was ordered to dissolve

(Observer Network News) Therefore, the Thai Princess Changan Ubon Ratchathani was selected to participate in the Prime Minister's election, and the Thai Raksa Chart Part was ordered to be dissolved by the Thai court on the 7th.

According to the news of the World News of Thailand on March 7, the national television station of Thailand broadcast live on March 7th the court announced the verdict. In addition, the party's three high-ranking nominees who were nominated for the day's election were also required to ban participation in politics for 10 years.

The court ruling pointed out that the royal family status is higher than politics and must maintain political neutrality. The participation of royal family members in the election of the prime minister violates tradition and does not conform to the constitutional spirit. Although the nomination of the princess is the right of the Thai Nationalist Party, it still cannot damage the national constitutional system or undermine the principle of political neutrality. According to the Thai law of 2017, the Thai Nationalist Party was dismissed and all its overseas votes were invalidated.

The report pointed out that the Central Election Commission of Thailand had previously stated that the Princess of Ubon Ratchathani was the sister of Thai King. It was an unconstitutional act to nominate a member of the Royal Family in Thailand. It was an obvious provocation against the ruling military government. According to Article 92 of the Thai Political Parties Act, when the Election Committee has sufficient evidence to prove that a party's conduct violates the constitutional monarchy, the Constitutional Court should be dismissed.

In this regard, Princess Ubon Ratchathani said today (7th) on social media that this is a sad and frustrating news.

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