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Thai Constitutional Court: Thai Nationalist Party must be disbanded and elected Ubon Ratchathani as prime minister candidate

At 3:30 pm local time on March 7 (4:30 pm Beijing time), the Thai Constitutional Court made a final ruling. The pro-Thaksin's party recommended the royal family member Ubon Ratchathani as a candidate for the prime minister's death. Political party law. The Thai Nationalist Party did not escape the fate of being disbanded.

According to the report of the Khaosod News Network of Thailand on the afternoon of the 7th, the Thai Constitutional Court made a ruling to dissolve the Thai Nationalist Party. The Thai Constitutional Court said in the ruling that the Thai Nationalist Party elected the royal family member Ubon Ratchathani as a candidate for the party's prime minister.

khaosod News reported that the ruling of the Constitutional Court meant that 214 candidates from the Thai Nationalist Party would be disqualified from participating in the 24th general election.

Taiwan National Party is a pro-Thaksin party. It was established in 2009 and has changed the name of the party several times. It is regarded as a branch of the pro-Thaksin traditional party as the Thai party. party.

According to the report of the Thai National News on the 7th, the Thai police deployed 1,200 police and security personnel in the area surrounding the Constitutional Court today to maintain law and order in the Constitutional Court area.

Srivara Ransibrahmanakul, deputy police chief of the Thai National Police, said the authorities also set up checkpoints 500 meters from the court to avoid attacks by unscrupulous people.

The Nationalist newspaper sharply pointed out that this distance is outside the range of the M79 grenade launcher. According to media reports, in April 2010, the supporters of the Thai supporters Thaksin's red shirts and military police were accused of using the M79 grenade launcher to attack the army.

Sivala also said that the Constitutional Court also installed 70 CCTV cameras and a radio communication network to facilitate police officers to handle security work.

32 members of the Thai Election Commission were allowed to enter the court to hear the ruling process. Media representatives were banned from entering, and Shivala stated that in order to avoid possible confusion, the media was only allowed to watch on closed-circuit television.

Taihu National Party leader Preechaphol Pongpanit and some key members of the Nationalist Party will go to the Constitutional Court on the afternoon of the 7th to hear the ruling. Earlier, he said that members of the party's executive committee and important supporters would discuss the next step after the court's decision was made.

Bichapeng called on supporters not to go to the Constitutional Court to avoid possible tensions. We don't want to see situations that can cause trouble. Bicbon confessed to the party's supporters.

Chaturon Chaisang, a core member of the Thai Nationalist Party and former Minister of Education, also appealed to social media to stop supporters from going to the Constitutional Court. Those who are interested in court decisions, I recommend focusing on media news. They do not need to gather in the court to express their support for the Thai Nationalist Party.

Sivala said that the police did not receive an application from a member of the Thai Nationalist Party or a supporter of the party to hold a rally in the court area. He stressed that those who want to go to the court must obey the law.

According to the report of the Thai National News on the 7th, the court ruling on the 7th did not have a hearing procedure, and the final ruling will be made with evidence previously submitted to the court.

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