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What did Ivanka do when he was a official in the White House for two years?

CNN reported on the 6th that Trump had promoted the issuance of a security license to his daughter Ivanka despite the opposition of the White House chief of staff and the legal team. The New York Times reported a few days ago that the president also directly intervened in the actress Kushna to obtain the highest confidential security clearance.

In fact, it is not uncommon for the president to issue security permits to senior White House officials. But since entering the White House in 2017, Ivanka and Kushner's unresolved security clearances and their role in the White House have been controversial. What did Ivanka do in two years? A news headline on the homepage of the CNN website is striking.

Signal issues

In March 2017, Ivanka officially became a full-time consultant to the Trump administration, not receiving salary, but owning his own office in the West Wing of the White House. Critics dislike her lack of government experience. But the defender pointed out that her father could win the trust of the majority of voters with the political resume, professional traders, the resume of the Washington outsiders, and the unconventional governance. Why can't his daughter do?

Although it is extremely unusual for the presidential children to serve the government; for Ivanka, this is a familiar role – from the Executive Vice President of the Trump Group to the core members of the 2016 campaign team. She has been a consultant trusted by her father.

CNN pointed out that in the past two years, Ivanka has promoted a series of landmark issues - women's economic empowerment and working-class family issues, workforce development and promotion of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education, combat Human trafficking - basically supported by both parties. Recently, she played an important role in the US Women's Global Women's Development and Prosperity Initiative. She also helped the World Bank launch a $1 billion program in 2017 to promote women's entrepreneurship in developing countries.

She is involved in the government's efforts to promote tax reform. Next, she will work with lawmakers to promote paid family leave and hold meetings with Republican lawmakers and private sector leaders.

At the same time, there are comments that Ivanka has also become a diplomat in a certain sense, meeting with leaders of various countries and visiting overseas on behalf of the Trump administration, including India, South Korea, Germany and Japan. .

At the beginning of last year, she participated in the closing ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics as a government representative, cheering for the US delegation and meeting with South Korean President Wen Zai. She appeared at the Munich Security Conference last month to promote the Global Women's Development and Prosperity Initiative.

When Trump began looking for a replacement for the United Nations Ambassador Heli, someone mentioned the name of Ivanka, but Trump dismissed the speculation. She will do a great job, but I have heard enough words about the 'nara relationship'.

Although the White House said that Ivanka's issue in the West Wing of the White House has been scrutinized, informed sources point out that her wings are significantly more stretched and have been advising her father on a wider range of issues, including immigration. When the images and stories of the separated families of the US-Mexico border attracted the attention of the public in June this year, she remained silent. White House spokesperson Gidely told the US media that she and her father had discussed the matter face to face before her father signed an executive order.

Can you control your father?

There is a view that, although Ivanka is very confident, she has been unable to influence the president's position.

American People The website pointed out that in 2017 Ivanka led a group of assistants trying to convince her father not to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement. But they failed. This is a high-profile example, and critics accuse her of being hypocritical—distinguished from some of her father's least popular policies, but continuing to work in his White House.

Ivanka believes that this is frank. He (Trump) clearly knows my position on any issue, Ivanka told ABC, I can tell you what I support, but I have no responsibility to tell you what I am against. Only one person knows the answer. He is my father and my boss. We are able to maintain good relations in private and at work because I am honest with him.

However, the former White House communications officer Cliff Sims believes that Ivanka still has control over her father. She used to be and is now a valuable asset to the president for the simple reason that he trusts her. He did not satisfy her every desire, especially on policy issues. But at least, she made him feel good. For an emotional leader like Trump, this makes sense.

More importantly, according to my experience, Ivanka happens to be one of the most convincing agents of the president, whether it is selling his agenda to the public or putting pressure on swinging members of Congress. On the issue of tax reform, she showed people the value of both.

The status is more stable?

In the face of the US media footage, Ivanka said recently that she had no knowledge of the president's intervention in security licensing. The New York Times said that in fact the president has the right to unilaterally issue a security clearance to anyone, but out of courtesy, usually does not directly do so. After the background review by the FBI, the decision is usually passed to the White House Personnel Security Office.

The source said that the Ivankas had told colleagues that they thought that the then chief of staff, John Kelly, prevented them from obtaining a security clearance because he felt that they did not belong to the West Wing of the White House. But two years have passed, and many opponents and friends have been sent away. Her husband and her position in the turbulent West Wing are more stable.

American journalist Bob Woodward was in fear: Trump pointed out in the White House that the then White House senior adviser Steve Bannon had turned to Ivanka, you are a nasty employee! Bannon told Ivanka that if he wants to meet with the president, he must make an appointment with the current chief of staff, Puribas, just like everyone else. You are walking around here, as if you are the master here, but it is not. You are an employee! Ivanka replied, I am not an employee! I will never be an employee. I am the 'first daughter.'

Woodward believes that this is not the only ambition of Ivanka, she even wants to be the first female president in American history.

US media said that it is unclear why investigators have suspended Ivanka's security clearance for any reason. Critics pointed out that Trump's appointment of two relatives in the White House would make the public and private boundaries unclear and would cause the West Wing to sink into a deeper whirlpool.

The core circle of Trump World is not always a beautiful and peaceful picture. Sims points out that this painting often shows greed, stubbornness and selfishness. Someone leaked it, someone planned it, and someone sold it. Being close to power always erodes something. Who can be alone?

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