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The British Parliament voted on the eve of the Brexit agreement. Teresa May intends to travel to Brussels.

China News Service, March 7th According to Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao, the British Parliament will vote on the Brexit agreement on the 12th. British Prime Minister Teresa May intends to go to Brussels, Belgium on the 10th to finalize with key EU officials. The final version of the Brexit agreement seeks to obtain support from the Labour Party when voting in Parliament.

The report said that Teresa May went to Brussels to show that a new agreement may have been reached, but the Brexit Minister Barclays and Attorney General Cox met with the EU negotiators on the 5th to dilute the outside world. expected.

It is reported that once Teresa May and the EU reach an agreement on a revision of the Brexit agreement, the agreement must be announced on the weekend so that members of the British Parliament have the opportunity to debate before the vote. The United Kingdom hopes to resume negotiations on the issue of safeguards on the Irish border and seeks the EU's commitment to safeguards as a temporary solution.

If the British Parliament once again vetoes the Brexit Agreement, the UK will decide whether to leave the EU without an agreement or ask the EU to delay the Brexit deadline.

The EU's chief negotiator, Barnier, said earlier that the UK could technically request a two-month delay from the EU to make a final negotiation.

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