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US officials: U.S. will impose sanctions on foreign banks linked to Maduro

A senior US official said the United States is planning to sanction foreign banks that are linked to the Maduro government.

According to Reuters reported on March 7, an anonymous Trump government official said on Wednesday that the US government is considering sanctions against foreign banks that cooperate with the Maduro government.

They (the Maduro government) are trying to transfer assets and put the money in different places. The official said that some foreign banks have been involved. Soon, some of them will be on our list, and within a few days or weeks we will impose sanctions on some foreign banks involved.

Since Venezuela's opposition leader, Guay, has been more than a month since he recognized the president, the United States has acknowledged that Guade is a legitimate interim president and has stepped up sanctions against the Maduro government. On March 5th, Trump signed a document at the White House to extend the National Emergency Order for the situation in Venezuela. The US Treasury Department has also imposed sanctions on Venezuelan state-owned oil companies and several Venezuelan officials. On February 28, the US State Department abolished the US visas for 49 officials and their families, and said that these people undermined the Venezuelan democracy and were not welcomed by the United States.

Last week, Venezuelan Vice President Rodriguez visited Moscow, the Russian capital, and held a joint press conference after meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. Lavrov announced that Russia will deepen cooperation with Venezuela, encourage Russian oil giants to go to Venezuela to participate in cooperation projects, and promised to provide more wheat and other supplies to Venezuela.

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