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Han Mei tomorrow will officially sign the 10th Defense Sharing Agreement

(Observer News) According to the Yonhap News Agency reported on March 7, the South Korean Foreign Ministry said on the 7th that Foreign Minister Kang Jing and US Ambassador to South Korea Harry Harris will officially sign the 10th in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the afternoon of the 8th. Korea-US defense fee sharing agreement.

This agreement is subject to approval by Congress and the Korean government is striving to bring the agreement into force in April. According to the agreement, South Korea's defense costs increased by 8.2% from 2018 to 1.0389 trillion won (about 5.9 billion yuan). The agreement is valid for one year.

It is understood that the process of the above-mentioned agreement between Han and South Korea was not smooth. At the end of last year, the United States suddenly proposed that South Korea should bear a $1 billion defense fee each year, and proposed a defense fee negotiation every year. South Korea has argued that 1 trillion won is the bottom line that South Korea can bear and asks to talk once in three to five years. The negotiations are thus deadlocked.

Because the agreement is only one year old, for South Korea, the first half of this year will be negotiated again with the United States for the 11th defense agreement after the next year. There will inevitably be pressure. It is reported that the United States insists on comprehensively discussing the military apportionment methods of the United States in the country, and insists that the validity period of the agreement be set at one year, and whether it will still be discussed annually will depend on the situation.

The defense contribution share refers to the garrison expenses shared by the United States for the US military. It is used to pay the salary of Korean employees of the US military in Korea, the construction costs of various US military bases, and military logistics costs. Since 1991, Hanmei has signed nine defense fee sharing agreements, and the ninth agreement expired on December 31 last year.

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